FULL TIMERS still in PROGRESSION with seniority date by Aug 1st! Did you file your grievance!?!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BigJamesBrown, May 20, 2019.

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    We had 2 drivers hit their 3rd year on 8/08. Their current rate is $29.50.
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    It has the same language, so yes you were supposed to get the gwi. My guess is that they'll throw any greivance out for being untimely, though.
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    If a guy goes online and applies for a driver position at UPS today and this called back and told by HR to go to the nearest Hub to start the hiring process.

    Upon arriving at the Hub and find his way to the HR office sits down in the chair and says to the employee working in HR.

    "What is the beginning wage rate for new drivers?"

    What will HR tell this new driving candidate the starting wage rate is on day one?

    Another guy walks in to the HR office. "same scenario as above." asks the question of "what is the general wage for new drivers coming in off of the street?

    What answer will HR give the new driving candidate as an answer?
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  4. upschuck

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    I'll bite, $21.

    Now, can you answer me this, if it is like you say, why in the progression schedule, does it not say
    After 1st year : $2 raise
    After 2nd year : $1 raise
    After 3rd year : $4.75 raise
    After 4th year : $10 raise or whatever it is?

    Instead they used static numbers like
    Top rate..

    Wouldn't the first one remove all doubt and make more sense? Nowhere does it say you get the first raises listed above, but says quite clearly that you get paid no less than the second set of raises, which may seem the same, but are quite different for those with seniority before Aug 1 of 2018.
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    If full-time employees with a seniority date prior to August 1st 2018, full-time employees with a seniority date on or after August 1st 2018, and new hires get paid all of the base numbers or static numbers that you listed in your second pay schedule with static numbers, how can new hires off the street be rewarded with progression pay when they have no time served?

    Honestly it's starting to sound like full-time employees with a seniority date prior to August 1st 2018 are being discriminated against because of their time served and seniority hamstrung with the fact that they don't have as much time as the senior guys that have made it through progression!

    Is this also a case of discrimination!?!

    We've established that the starting rate is $21 and the first progression raise goes to $23 then progression raise to $24 in your second year of progression so forth and so on.

    The reason static numbers are used instead of dollar amount increases is because they need a base hard static number for the wording in the contract to make sense when applied to these number charts. If the drafters of this contract did not use static numbers there would be so many loopholes in the contract we would never be able to get anything agreed upon.

    A lot of the language in the contract can be misinterpreted but the static numbers and dollar raise amount cannot be misinterpreted. "money counts itself!!"
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    No thanks! Think I'll stay in feeders for now.
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    So you're saying new FT aren't "rewarded" with the progression? $21 is the start of progression?
    I'don't know what you are actually trying to say here.
    Unlike now? What would the loopholes be? You get $x raise this year, just like you claim is due you. Explain it to me why it wouldn't make sense, I think that would eliminate all this confusion we are having now.
    We can agree on that, the static dollar amounts speak for themselves.
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    $21 is the starting rate oh, I think we both agree on that, show if $21 is the starting rate it can't also be a progression coming over from the old contract!

    I'm simply trying to establish that$21 has nothing to do with the old contract as a point of progression. $21 is sickly the starting rate, and yes it is an element of the progression process but your first progression increase does not start until the beginning of year to which would be $23,. That being the case there was no $0.70 that being the case there was no $0.70 gwi in the first year of the contract if you are still at the beginning of the progression process with a base starting wage rate of$21.

    As of today everyone and progression with a seniority date prior to August 1st 2018 has not been paid their first year gwi in this new contract.
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    Full-time employees still in progression on the effective date of this Master Agreement shall receive the above contractual increases. They will be paid no less than what they are entitled to in accordance with Article 41, Section 2 below.
    Start 21.00
    Twelve (12) months 23.00
    Twenty-four (24) months 24.00
    Thirty-six (36) months 28.75
    Forty-eight (48) months Top Rate

    These are the starting wages for the new drivers, not the old. The old drivers, "will be paid no less than what they are entitled to in accordance with Article 41, Section 2 below."

    This is the only area in the contract that talks about drivers wages. No where in these pages says anything about a driver compounding there gwi on top of progression. Tell me where on here, it states a driver gets $2 after a year, $1 after $2, etc, etc. These amount do not change otherwise they'd have the amount change is.

    You still haven't told me what loopholes there'd be.
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    I won a full-time combo inside/air bid in May 2018. My inside rate was higher than starting air driver rate so I got red circled and made my inside rate while driving. The new contract got ratified in late April/May and I got the $0.70 GWI and was still red circled, making the same inside and driving. I got the $0.75 GWI applied to my inside rate on August 1st but my driving rate didn't change. My driving rate is no longer the same as my inside rate. Progression rate is not higher that what I'd be making with the raise. What's going on here? Should I file a grievance?
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    I'm not sure how they are doing that. I'm relatively new to the union life. But doesn't seem fair that people off the street are making more than guys in 4th year right now.
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  15. Hmm....
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    They have their own supplement.
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  18. BigUnionGuy

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    Both 710 and 705, have stand alone contracts separate from the National Master.

    You could look at it that way.

    There is a lot of verbiage in their contracts that mirror the National, word for word.
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    The 710 highlight sheet says they were voting for 100 new sleeper team positions over the life of their contract. Are those in addition to the 2,000 we voted on since they are under a different contract?
  20. BigUnionGuy

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    They aren't part of the National Master. Their contracts aren't that much different.

    • Local 705 Agreement: the Local has not provided their agreement to the International. Please contact Local 705 for information or with questions.

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