Getting sent home because staffing was full of people from another shift

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    hello ups family I just found this website today and it's been very helpful already. so all of you know its peak season. currently I'm on the Twilight shift and have been for 3 years. so my problem is, our supervisor asked us what time we could come in, I have another job and school so I couldn't come in early, they want us to come in at 5 o'clock and I have to come in at the regular time 5:30 apparently that wasn't a problem. so today I came into work and they asked me if I wanted to go home but I declined. they said that's too bad there's too many people on the belt. I said why don't you send the night sort people home this isn't even their shift and they began to tell me there's a new rule where if you are late seniority doesn't matter. and why should they send home people who got there early. I began to tell them I wasn't late and this was the time I said I could be in. after arguing I got to stay but I had to work a different position. currently im the floor man and have been for the last year. I'm not trying to brag but I'm really good at it and my belt appreciates it saying that I'm one of the best they have had. they had two night sort people working my job while I loaded, I'm able to handle it by myself and at the end of the night it was a mess everyone on my belt and a lot of the older guys say they're going to try to handle it but I need to come in earlier so my question is can people from another sort really just come in and do your job and can I get sent home under that stupid supposed new rule because I worked really hard to get where I'm at and I don't wanna move backwards
    thanks for all your help
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    This isn't a "new rule", it's the company's interpretation of the contract. Part-timers are guaranteed 3.5 hours of week a day unless they're late (this varies by supplement, but that's typically how it goes.) This is used to force people to go home who come in late if the area is (over)staffed. Technically, the company can do this although it can usually be worked out: for example, we have multiple employees in my area with pre-set"staggered" starts that might be as late as 1 - 1 1/2 hours after start during peak. Additionally, we might work employees from the previous shift (Noonday) with the understanding that they'll only be working over an hour or two and will be relieved when the regular employees come in.

    You don't really have a contractual "right" to a certain "spot" on a belt (save for the pick-offs, which should be by seniority) even though the "floor man" is usually the most senior non-regular pick off.

    It's only going to get worse as peak goes on and start times are set even earlier. I would talk to your FT supervisor and try and work something out. In my experience as a steward in the hub, employees with decent attendance (ie. being late and/or calling in multiple times a week without days to burn are not a common occurrence) and a decent work ethic (ie. doesn't make everyone else's job in the area harder by virtue of them being there) tend to have a much easier time getting accommodated during peak due to school/a second job/child care, etc. than the employees who are always late and always goof off at work.
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    Well the way I see it is they want you there at 5:00 and you show up at're late. Good luck fighting that one.
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    just explain the your situation to your full time sup and ask for a staggered start time like PiedmontSteward mentioned.
    theres a few ppl in my hub with the same problem and they have different start times but never get denied work.
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    My preloader is a FT college student who has a morning class two days a week----he is allowed to leave early on those days. The night sup is also flexible with workers on his shift who are taking classes and need to start a bit later. Technically the OP is late but I would think his sup would be willing to work with him as he is only 30 minutes late.