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    Greetings from CJJohn. I have been with Buster Brown for 31 years. My reason for joining the Brown Cafe is to become informed and also to inform. I have held numerous jobs throughout my career. I am currently a feeder driver. Regardless of company or union issues... I bleed brown. I am pro-customer. Of all the ups and downs, we are still the best in the business. Concerning the new advertising slogan, "Nothing can Stop Us" I totally disagree. Bad decisions, bad service, and Fed Ex can stop us. We have to be in touch with reality.
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    Welcome to [-]Klein[/-] Brown Cafe, CJJohn! Looking forward to your input!
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    Hi Johnny !

    Welcome to my cafe website..LOL (just joking with 095 now).
    Please, no bad responses to that (we are just joking, for sake).

    "nothing can stop us" thats too odd.
    Esspecially if your in a traffic jam, or even worse an accident.

    What were they thinking ?