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    Hi, I’m new to Brown Cafe. I’m a twenty four year class A driver.18 years of that was with Roadway Express(YRC). We got tied up with Yellow Freight and the rest was history. I got very upset with the last YRC vote and decided to change driving careers. I’m now a carhauler for a non-union outfit. After two years of being non-union I decided to throw a hail-Mary again. I applied for seasonal feeder in Fort Worth. Don’t know how this thing will go but I’m hoping for the best being that I’m in my mid forties. Glad to be on the forum and I hope to get some insight on how UPS operates vs union LTL operates. I am a twenty year Teamster (667,745) looking to do at least twenty more in the game.
    Thanks for having me......
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    Being UPS, the union won't care much about you beyond getting your dues and pension contributions.