If your regional supplement was voted down - now what happens?

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    I'm little confused. If the Master was voted yes, and the supplement was voted no, what happens? For instance, what is the process now? How are they negotiated? It's kind of confusing to me as I'd think the Master would be end all be all.
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    Well, first and foremost, all of the BA's will probably fly to Vegas and get together with Mr. hall to drown their sorrows. Then there will be a big party where our dues money gets spent on expensive drinks and the finest steaks and pasta. Those wanna be gangstas like the pasta. And wine. Then they will fly back and tell you they did their best.
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    This is so dumb. After talking with everyone this morning, our BA said, they aren't going to change the supplements at all. They are just going from center to center to "re-educate" current employees.
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    It will be voted down again.
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    The locals will have to meet with the members and discuss the employee concerns. The locals will ultimately attempt to re sell the same deal to the members because its the path of least resistance. They would rather face US and try to get us to accept the losses, then having to go back to the table and go back on a deal they worked out with UPS.

    There will be a couple of locals who may wildcat strike the company if changes are not made, but HOFFA/hall better pull their collective heads out of their rear ends and formulate a new plan.

    Time is short.

    This week is wasted with vote counting. ( one week down) Next week is 4th of july ( two weeks down) The week after that is the first time to hold local meetings to discuss issues and changes (three weeks down) the week after that, the locals have to travel back to DC to discuss collectively with the IBT ( 4 weeks down) They will have to propose new deals to the company for each supplemental & TA if necessary and the company will simply reject them because it recieved 52% approval by the members. (5 weeks down) That leaves 5 days before the deadline.

    At that point, its anybodys guess. hall can call a strike from the chair and withdraw all contract proposals. Locals could call independent strikes ( wildcats ) or the company could just simply LOCK US OUT on August 1st.

    If they lock us out, the company will simply say, "heres the deal, sign it and come back to work, or stay on the street".

    They wont renegotiate.

    Stay tuned.

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    The Master cannot be ratified until the supplemental agreements are passed. The IBT is allowed to appoint their own designees to the supplemental negotiations to "move them along." However, if a supplement is voted down by the membership three times then the IBT is required to take a strike authorization vote.

    If your supplemental agreement was approved, then you are locked in for all intents and purposes. You will not see any improvements to your supplement's language. If you are in a company insurance plan and your supplement was approved, then you are moving into TeamCare January 1st.

    In 2002 and 2007, several locals held out and IBT leadership got involved in their supplemental negotiations; but the union has never had 2/3 of the country reject their supplements before. Personally, I don't see any drastic measures being taken other than UPS agreeing to contribute a little more towards TeamCare on behalf of these locals in the rejected supplements to get just enough full timers to approve the agreements along with a few other tweaks.

    However, it seems that the locals that always reject their supplements get better deals; 804 was slotted for 100 22.3 jobs just for their local in this agreement and they still rejected it. I'm interested to see what they finally get. If the next round of supplements get voted down, it's really going to get messy.
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    The IBT FAILED to negotiate this contract properly from the jump. They should have taken a strike authorization vote in MAY, just in case this thing failed. But, they didnt believe it would get shot down, so they didnt.

    Now they are going to have to take a strike vote after the damage is done with a 53% approval rate?

    Just lame.

  8. PiedmontSteward

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    I don't think we're going to see a strike authorization vote, period, and a strike authorization vote being issued Quite frankly -- justifiable or not -- there's a level of fear in the IBT leadership about Fox News rattling on about UPS drivers whining about their $100,000+/year total compensation package for 24 hours a day during a jobless economic recovery. On this issue, we're really victims of our own success.

    IBT can take over any supplemental negotiations that deadlock and try to entice just enough "YES" votes with a signing bonus, increased health care contributions, language tweaks, etc. However, none of that matters with Local 89 whose leadership managed to send their local rider down in flames by a 10:1 ratio after UPS tried to push a $1,000 shuttle incentive.
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    Lets get this straight, everyone at UPS is not making $32 per hour. Part timers can't even get close until they've been with UPS 20 plus years. Everyone's always worried about the FT Drivers, how about taking care of PT !!!!!
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    It would be nice, but as a part timer myself, I'll be the first one to admit we don't deserve $32.00 an hour. Yes it's hard work, and yes we put up with a lot of BS, but we're not surgeons. Do you honestly feel you should be getting $32.00 per hour plus the bennies we get? The bennies alone are worth $17+ per hour.

    In regards to the FT drivers. I don't think delivering packages is worth $32 per hour plus bennies. That being said I feel the FT's deserve every penny they are currently getting due to all the BS they have to put up with. Not only do they have more responsibility put on them everyday, they are tracked every minute of everyday. They can't ever take a piss without being asked why? The FT drivers deserve $32.00 per hour. I have the utmost respect for most of them and I don't envy what they do. For me, PT is all I ever want out of this company.
  11. PiedmontSteward

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    For the record, I'm a part-timer with almost a decade in under my belt and make half the hourly rate of a package driver.

    Out of 240,000 bargaining unit members working at UPS, only 180,000 were eligible to vote. That's 60,000 scabs, most of which are part-time. Union density is always higher in the driver ranks because of the constant threat of being fired for the most miniscule infraction. There are definitely more 22.3 combo scabs than drivers, but that's a separate issue and probably not statistically relevant.

    Out of those 180,000 eligible voters only 64,518 returned ballots. While there were some reported ballot irregularities in several locals, that's roughly 36% of eligible voters being counted. 115,482 eligible Teamster members employed by UPS - many of them PT - did not return a prepaid return envelope with their ballot that required them to make up to a maximum of 3 marks to cast their vote.

    While those are hard numbers, let me throw some anecdotal evidence at you: At my local's monthly membership meetings, there are roughly 6-8 part-timers (including myself) that regularly attend. While turnout is usually pretty low, there are probably five times that number of full-timers that attend. Simply put: The majority of part-timers do not participate in contract ratifications, officer elections, or union meetings.

    A number of drivers on BrownCafe have admitted they would be more than willing to forgo chunks of their general wage increases in order to increase pay for part-timers. The majority, however, probably would prefer not to do so and, as a result, the PT work force essentially subsidizes the higher wage rates set for FT drivers because a contract favoring PT employees would have a good shot at being voted down.
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    Ft drivers vote. PT don't. If there had been 70% voter turn out and the NM went down big time. Then we would be hearing about getting PT better pay and such.

    In all reality package car drivers are the face or this company. It's the only people the general public relates ups to. So all we will hear about is driver compensation.
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    To break down the demographics even further. We have PTers that want to make a career out of UPS.. vs.. PTers that have no intention of staying with the company.

    Those of us PTers that want to make a career out of UPS are a small minority compared to the rest. And as such, we are the victims of only having a minority vote. Just like every other minority group is exploited throughout history. It is just the way this world works
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    As far as gangsters, this has been the cleanest the Teamsters has ever been. Yes even including 91-97. And it won't be all BA's. But if their is pasta involved, you know Tim S will show up for some scraps. Fred Suckerman will be peering around the corner too. But gangsters? Sylvesterino and Zuckermanano doesn't roll off the tongue.
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    Didn't say gangsters. Said wannabe. I have to disagree on the cleanliness of this outfit. Maybe a few are ok. Not most.
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    Don't forget the strippers and porn .....Yeah strippers and porn!
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    I could be mistaken but I remember one contract year where supplements were not passed and we crossed the August 1st deadline. We continued working under our current pay rate (and language?) until outstanding supplements passed which wasn't until about maybe 3 months later. Then we got retroactive checks for all hours worked all the way back to August 1.....If memory serves that was a pretty healthy check..Unfortunately I spent it all on strippers and porn...
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    That is the CIA.
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    The general economic picture is drastically different than it was in 1997. Even here in Louisville, I'm not sure there is as much support for the IBT position as there was in 1997. There are an awful lot of people who work in warehouses around town who would LOVE to have a UPS Worldport job instead. So playing the sympathy card "Poor parttimers being screwed by big company" won't be quite as successful. Around the country, a lot of states have gone right-to-work (right to freeload!) so the union doesn't have quite as much bargaining power.

    It's a tough row to hoe right now. In Kentucky, remember it was Mrs. Mitch McConnell who spent the 8 years of the Bush administration gutting the NLRB, and it has never recovered, and won't now that the 2010 gerrymandering has pretty much locked in a GOP House majority for the foreseeable future.

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    Worthy diversion......
    They are 45-34, at the top of the NL East.