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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Irishman Collins, Sep 15, 2018.

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    I am back, I know you missed me!
    Want to know the truth about our Union?
    It is simple, our Union is a shell of itself.
    The Hoffa administration has done unprecedented damage to the Teamsters Union. The administration is responsible for reduced membership, failing Pensions, reduced workers rights and multiple contracts riddled with concessions.
    The Hoffa administration has weakened our Union to the point of water cooler chat about decertification.
    The time is coming for this administration to pack its bags and move on to their retirement world, filled with boats, mansions, sports cars and store bought women while the rest of us wonder if we will have a Pension or have to work until we drop.
    Get behind the Revolution and support OZ before it is too late and we find ourselves without a Union or members of the Machinist Union!
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    Who are you?
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    I am the speaker of truth!
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    This is my other account.
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    Feel a pulse?
  8. Welcome back brother!
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    very well said how do we get hoff out now and all his sell outs and get oz in now
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    You'll have to start getting non-upser teamsters on board, especially the Canadians.