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    Hot air balloons are the way of the future. A true visionary.
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    What is the GBS in Salt Lake City?
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    Part of the last 1800 PickUPS call centers. There were 10 to 11 in 1996. They (UPS) have moved them south Guatemala, Panama, Guiana, The Philippines etc.
    They (UPS) are closing the Tampa one very soon laying off 500 employee’s. GBS is an acronym of Global Business Service last time I heard it.
    They find foreign workers / businesses that speak English as a second language for all The 1-800-Pick-UPS calls dirt cheap compared to Americans.
    Salt Lake City was all UPSers. Tampa was outsourced to a Company named Alorica. There is still one Call Center in Newport News Virginia with 800 to 900 possible Alorica employees that answer the phones and reply to UPS.COM request and inquiries.
    Sad, very sad for those UPS employees and the US outsourced ones.
    Panic bean counting as UPS failed in 2019 to meet Stock / business / Wall Street profit expectations for 2019.
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    I noticed a pattern in everyone of these "so-called" realignment plans over the years it is that they always start bottom up and never top down. Much easier and safer way to downside and appease the stock market.
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    Great !.....Polish people like to work and do a great job....they aren't American jobs if Americans dont want to work and their unions priced them out of the market.....
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    its called Supply & Demand.......associated costs .........if one is not producing more than one is paid a severe problem exists......
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    its prudent that the union listened to the wake-up calls ...while they were sleeping ups did listen and developed solutions.....take a look at the state of the union pensions for a good negative example....
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    Uh....they're not union employees. TTKU.
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    Now I'm glad you have to pay Israel $$$ for the Holocaust