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    again, yet to speak an untruth.

    keep repeating it all mr fed ex. most people are blind to see the truth with two pair of glasses.

    vantexan. you wrote " in order to be competitive in a world market we'll have to settle for less" whos we?

    how much less is smith and the board of directors going to settle for? remember, come monday morning smith and the board, who are now nothing more than parasites in the company, will not be in the ice and snow creating the profit for the company, you are.

    you ,the worker, create all the wealth of the company. smith takes.

    if smith started the company, put up all the money for the company, took all the risks of the company, then he needs to complete the cycle and do all the work for the company. then, and only then, can he take all the money.

    how many pkgs has smith and the board delivered?

    quite thinking like a poorman. it is smith and the board that should be kissing your ass for doing all the work.

    if the company wants more profit, then start at the top. cut there and work your way down. now, that's competition.
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    It's "quit" not "quite." You need to do a bit more research. The world has changed while you weren't looking and you are going to have to face up to it sooner or later. I'm not talking about giving them everything they want, etc. There's just less to go around. You guys are arguing for pay and benefits that aren't realistic. Fight it all you want, but it's wasted motion. Without a union you've got nothing to fight with and with a union there's not much you can fight for. If you refuse to see that you are only hurting yourself. Rather than fight for things that won't happen you should make plans around what you do have. But hey, it's your life, rage away.
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    To quote Seth Meyers on SNL, "really, ex fed exer, really?"
  4. Anyone who disagrees with MFE in this forum is nothing more than a kool-aid drinking sucker. I signed up maybe a year ago but didn't real post. Mainly just lurked. Every point MFE makes is valid. I don't see how anyone who cares about their future and how they are treated at express couldn't agree with everything MFE says. It really blows my mind. Lots of ignorant people in this forum I guess that don't mind being treated like a piece of crap at their job.
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    Looks like MFE has a new lap-dog. Just kidding. Really, though, to me it's not that MFE doesn't make some valid points, it is what he does or does not do with them. Posting "facts" on BC accomplishes what? What are all the MFE followers here but a smaller group of a different color Kool-Aid? What changes do you think are going to come from this? And what are YOU doing to bring about change at Express in the great northeast? Not seeing any Egypt style uprisings coming anytime soon.
  6. There won't be any changes as a result of anyone posting anything on BC. But it's nice to come on here and vent. And it makes me sick to my stomach to see anyone at my station or on BC defend anything management does.
  7. Aren't you a ground driver bbsam? Or an owner of ground routes. Not for nothing pal but I don't even consider you an employee of Fed Ex. Ground is so unprofessional it's not even funny. I don't give any ground driver the time of day on the road when I see them. As far as I'm concerned ground is taking food off my table.
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    Egypt style uprisings? No probably not but for a Ground contractor you seem to have Express all figured out. MrFedEx speaks volumes of all the crap that lies in the core of the company down to the local management. There's a lot of outrage and disgust throughout the workforce nationwide (and Australia now too I see :biggrin:) and like a volcano it simmers for quite awhile until one day this will all explode.
  9. Cactus

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    In the meanwhile scam, work on getting Ground their own dropboxes. We're getting tired of customers who can't read "NO GROUND PACKAGES ACCEPTED AT THIS DROPBOX." Express employees have better things to do than mess with those crappy Ground packages.
  10. Good point cactus. You have no idea how many ground pkgs I leave to rot in the drp bxes. Not only would I never lift a finger for a ground driver. I also wouldn't urinate on one if he was on the side of the road on fire to put the flames out. Ground is pathetic and it's workforce is even more pathetic.
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    The sad part is that the only one getting :censored2: on by your attitude is the customer. We all know customers are stupid and will put their pkg in the first drop box they find. I regularly get pkgs for Express, Ground and USPS in the five drop boxes that I pickup and I make sure each one gets either to the right box or I will bring them to the Mail Boxes store on my area and leave them there. If it is an Express I will drop it off at their station which is on the way back to our center.
  12. That's where you are wrong pal. Express customers get great service from me every day on the road. I don't work for UPS or Ground. So leaving those packages in a box to rot isn't of my concern. Those people aren't my customers.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Thank you for confirming my opinion of you.
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    Arr you doing this on company time in a company vehicle, if so you should be suspended for stealing time. Let me get this straight, You're picking up a competitors package and delivering it to their location while not conducting any UPS business. You have no business doing this while on company time.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Had you bothered to read my previous post you would have read that the Express station is on the way back to our center. It takes less than a minute for me to pull in, drop off the package, and be back on the road.

    What would you suggest I do with the package?
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    I had a good one last night, got an on-call at 1745 for an 1800 ready for 50 pkgs, 1000 lbs. I was covering a very heavy route, so by 1800, I was bulked out only having to pup 8 drop boxes after 1800, so usually that would be fine. I stopped at the customers location to take whatever I could fit in the truck, which wouldn't have been much. They showed me the skid and it was all ground packages, all of them being approx. three cubic feet each. They were p-ssed when I told them I couldn't take them, they needed to call and schedule another pick-up for Monday. The guy tells me they didn't tell the call center it was a ground pick up so that Express would show up same day, and they wouldn't have to wait!!! Not my problem, I don't work for ground. What would someone else do in my situation, tie 'em to the roof?
  17. Good point. I'm sure the sups at UPS would love to know this. That doesn't come up on their little report? I thought they know everything you guys at brown do.
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    In my area, we all have scheduled pick ups at UPS and Ground for the packages they are given (with UPS I'd venture to guess that the Express packages they get are just missorts from the shipper who puts them on the wrong pallet at shipping point). But when I cover the route where the UPS center is, there is a regular pick up at the customer service building, and we have a regular pick up at the ground terminal. Ground also picks up from us daily. I will bring a UPS or USPS package back to station (from a drop box, that is) or put it in a box if it's close, but never take ground packages. I know an express employee who took a ground package from a custumer, put in the ground pile at the station. Ground proceeded to lose the package and he got a written warning, and this was back when we could scan ground packages on the power pad, so his scan was the last scan. I urged him to GFT it, but he didn't. I'll bet he doesn't take any ground packages anymore, either.
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    This is exactly why if customers want a one stop shop for service I tell them to use UPS. I will not take any Express no matter how much they beg. I do rather enjoy telling people I can't touch those packages because they are delivered and picked up by pilots. For as much as you guys bash Ground around here, I understand its a very easy target. All the things you say we do I have seen the same from UPS and Express no seat belts, bulk head door open, smoking, truck running at a stop, big diffrence you get paid a hell of alot better than we do and you get paid for your actual time on the road. It comes down to the individual on that route. However Ground is far worse than UPS and Express.

    I for one have never nor will I ever forge someones name that is reason for automatic dismissal. The drivers that do this are straight up morons. However at the end of the day you will get better service from UPS and Express because Ground customers get what they pay for. You want cheaper you will get it.
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    Ok Lets say we have 1000 letters boxes and each one had a fedex package in them and every driver stopped at a fedex location and dropped it off. It only took a few minutes for this to be done. So now UPS is paying their drivers to forward these packages. Bring it back to your center and have fedex pick it up, they're probably are there anyway or ask your sup what you should do with it.
    Nice touch with the yawn.