New Rule for Part-timers: No work over 5 hours!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by farhantx, Nov 15, 2008.

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    Hi folks, I'm a part-time package handler. At my hub, Dallas, TX, management has come up with new rule to not let part-time employees work over 4.99 hours. I work in twi-light shift and we have two start times for twi-light. For instance, there is 4 PM early start-time and 4:30 late start time so high seniority employees used to come early and leave late after wrap up, but now they come up with new rule; they are telling us that we can't work over 5 hours any more. And even when we hit 5 hours, shift is still in progress and people are still working who come later on, but now they are trying to eliminate over-time by telling us, that there is no such thing in the contract that they have to give us over five hours if there is work there. They are saying is as long as people with less seniority don't work more than people with high seniority they are not doign anything wrong since by doing that people with high seniority still get privileged to work more. We used to work about an hour over-time every day, now they are sending people home at 4.99 clicks.

    Please advise! how should I and other people deal with it? They brought a union steward and he said they are with in the contract. After five hours, should I observe if there are any supervisors working trying to steal our work?
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    Its the same here on long island. and inside full timers no more than 8 hours. they are cutting all the OT. in my opinion. i feel its just a matter of time tho untill the dhl packages hit the system and work picks up again. those customers have to go somewhere to ship.
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    When I was P/T I do remember this coming up often. Technically, as long as the employee in question is not recieving OT that is relieving you - or like was said, no one with less seniority is recieving more hours than more seniority, you are SOL.

    If I were you and were that hell-bent on the issue, pop in at the end of the shift unexpectedly to see who gets what for hours. Or have a steward maybe take a look into it of course.
  4. SmithBarney

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    This wasn't anything new when I was preload... "off the clock before 9am" that was our 5 hour mark.

    As for all the DHL packages... there aren't as many out there as you think.
    it'll barely affect either UPS or FedEx
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    Revenue is revenue whether big or small.
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    couple of things

    the volume increase that will be coming our way when dhl goes under that last day will be minimal unless ups can overcome the hurdles that our gooberment is putting on the deal. trying to save 9000 jobs that will end up costing them all 15000 i guess sounds smart to them.

    secondly, there has never ever been anything in writing that allows you overtime. or work past 5 hours on any day. ups has done it in the past, but is under no obligation to continue.

    we had a part time insider that has been with ups for many years. in 2003 he made 89+ grand working part time at ups. he was the highest paid hourly in our building. that next year ups cut him back to less than 25 grand.

    look at the bright side, they cold lay off the lesser seniority employees, and work the ones with seniority more hours. but that would mean you would be out of a job.

    you really want that?

    i believe for the first time in 100 years ups will be having a tough time keeping people on. i would suggest that getting any time at all would be a blessing. wait until one full time employee starts to replace two part time.

    i hope you can keep getting at least your 5 hours.

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    Revenue_smevenue , that's not the point here. The point in this thread is the volume, that may or may not produce the need for more hours for a part time sorter/loader/etc.
    Come on <snicker> Sir-Post-Alot <sorry just couldn't resist> , stay focused. :happy-very:

    I would whatever I could to find out how many sups are working to do the last minute wrap-up or any other work after I punched out. And file if warranted .
  8. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Actually I thought the point of the thread is if UPS is in the right by sending home higher seniority people with different start times while junior seniority continue to work as long as they all have the same paid hours.
    UPS can send the earlier starting shift,by seniority, home before the later starting shift provided no one works more than their contracted hours.
    As far as sups working ,then yes,no sups should be performing any hourly work at any time especially at wrap up.
  9. trplnkl

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    cachsux You're right, but I was closer than UpState and I did tie it in to hours worked.
  10. barnyard

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    PT has not been to go over 5 hours in my center for at least 7 years. Warning letters to those that do.


    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I havn't been part time for years. There must be some automatic bonus then for going over 5? Back in '95-'98, we were not allowed to go over 5.
    Thats just like us drivers going over 10.

    When I was suping, we had to kick all our preloaders off the clock when the drivers came to their cars, then use inside FTers to finish the last minute details. Doesn't sound like anything out of the ordinary to me. If you were used to working over 5 then they probably caught on to how much money they were losing.

    Management uses a formula to figure out how many hours they are allowed to use for that day. PPH is pieces per PT hours used. They use the total volume coming in and divide that by how many hours the part time help is used. So for instance the goal might be 70PPH for the day. The more PTers kicked off the clock, the easier it will be to attain that goal. PPH is the sole number that preload management is scored on. PPH is GOD.
  12. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Warning letter? Tell them to stick the letter up their pipe. From the highest seniority guy in the company to the guy hired yesterday there isn`t a one of us who doesn`t go home without being told to by MANAGEMENT.
    We have had our hours cut here as well but if mgmt says to stay or go its their choice.
  13. Ghost in the Darkness

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    There are two reasons I can see... a.) they technically have to guarantee 8 hours of work if you go over 5 and b.) its for bargaining in future contracts. They don't want the Union pointing to all the over 5's and demanding they create more part-time jobs.
  14. barnyard

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    That right there is the biggest reason.

  15. Hemdazon

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    isnt its managements job to get you off the clock before overtime? it seems rediculous that you can get a warning letter because you are working and not looking at the time. Sups are responsible for that in my hub. maybe its diferent elsewhere.
  16. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    I don`t recall the "8 for over 5" thing but what they are trying to do because of the economy is to reduce expense,period. Better 20 people get 5 hours than 10 get 8.
  17. nati local 100

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    does your local ryder really say if you work over 5 your gauranteed 8?,because theres nothing like that here in cincinnati
  18. pkgdriver

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    None of that over 5 guaranteed 8 here either.
  19. I'mTheMan

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    Here in Seattle Hub, the management has impose it's strict rules here too that everything has to be done on Twilight Shift by 3 or 3 1/2 hours period! The Twilight will remind or force anyone home who gets by 4 hrs or 5 hrs. Except Night Sort where ground east coast volume are higher so they get to stay at 5 hrs sharp then clock out and then again on pre-load 3 or 3 1/2 hrs. Twilight and Pre-load are the only 2 shift are working to save money. However, on monday that may change hours because we got DHL volume coming in and we're going to ground sort for them so but not so much looking forward to handle hub operations as it is my first time in 6 years to learn how to operate this because I am currently still on layoff from Full Time from airport operations and it's been almost 4 months now. I am working part time in hub so it's gets interesting as it get when we learn to handle DHL volume stuffs next week. :)
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    Wow that weird dude.
    Im doing part-time down here in San Antonio, and on average im getting at least 5.5 - 6 hrs a day.
    Then again im at the mall.....
    and they make us take a full 1hr break....which kinda sucks, because me and my other helpers want to get back to work ASAP...