Newbie...advancement to driver/management?

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    Hey all,

    I'm currently thinking about applying as a part time package handler for the twilight shift. I've wanted to be a driver for a while now and am realizing that the most likely path to a driver is via part time. Is there a way to know how long the list is for drivers in my area (Lagrangeville-Poughkeepsie, NY in case anyone is already there). I already have a Bachelor's degree in management, but after a few years in the workforce I've realized I like blue collar type jobs and the hard working attitude more than strictly office based positions I've held.

    Other than a driver, what is the path to management typically like? I've read that having a degree certainly helps. I'm really just trying to weigh out how long things could really take as a part time worker to advance to a driver or elsewhere since i'll be taking a pay cut and losing benefits temporarily if I go this route.

    I appreciate any input, thanks in advance.
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    Dont become a sup
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    Moving thread to the "Chose not to use the search button" section.
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    I searched quite a bit. I found that it depends on location, how many drivers are retiring, etc., so I was more looking to see if anyone on here may be in that particular location or know someone who is.

    When it comes to management progression, I really wasn't able to find much here or on Reddit. I mostly found progression to PT sup's is seen as something to avoid, also stated above. Can't really find much on people who already have degrees and taking the management path though.
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    Be careful what you wish for. It's a decades-long, physically punishing grind toward retirement at UPS as a sorter or driver. And if you go management instead you risk the possibility of never being moved out of the part time supervisor ranks and could very well lose your soul in the process.

    If you're already being paid decently to sit in an air conditioned office, you might want to think twice about what you're doing. Don't let the romantic idea of being a UPSer take you away from a good thing if you've got it right now.
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    Appreciate the info, for sure. I actually quit the office life about a year ago and now do landscaping which I did throughout college. By no means do I think drivers have it as easy as it sounds to the public eye.
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