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    I was wondering if you don't sign out the equipment "Forklift, and Tug" you use during your shift can you get terminated? The only reason I can think of from management perspective is the employee is not following proper procedures when it deals with operating equipment. :peaceful: Is there any other reasons people at UPS heard of.
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    Why wouldnt you sign it?
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    I sign out the equipment I use during the shift, another co-worker does'nt sign out the equipment.

    UPS procedures states if you use the equipment you the operater must preform a pre-trip to see if the equipment works properly then sign it out on the ECR. The worker just jumps on equipment and uses it. This is considered failure to follow established procedures when operating equipment. The worker knows this procedure. When you get certified to operate equipment you have to sign a paper where it states you must perform a pre-trip before operating equipment. Management is going to use this procedure against the the employee in an attempt to terminate.

    The contract also stats an act of proven dishonesty is grounds for termination without a warning letter being in effect.

    If the company starts an official investigation about the co-worker not signing out the equipment. Then asks me if I knew the co-worker was'nt signing out the equipment and I say yes. Then the company asks the co-worker if you have signing out the equipment, and the co-worker response is yes. Then company shows past ECRs to the co-worker and then says where is your signature on these ECRS. The co-worker can't show where the signature is. The co-worker just caught in a lie.

    First, the co-worker does'nt follow the procedures when it comes to operating equipment. Secondly the co-worker is being dishonest about operating equipment. The co-worker is digging a grave and I don't want to place in that grave with the co-worker.
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    Each driver is required to do the same for each package car they use; be it a P500 or a P32. Come to my building and see how many cars are used several times a day, yet no one fills out the DVIR. Including the air drivers , one who has never filled one out in 17 years.
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    Tugs and shifters are required to be pretripped and post tripped the same as the dvir for a package car or feeder.

    Department of transportation requires this daily inspection of all equipment of this type. This includes trailers and dollies.

    When you fail to do so you are not only in violation of company policy but the federal agencies that heavily regulate us.
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    I hate to agree with you as I thrive on butting heads with you this is a DOT required thing that must be done and failure to do so could lead to a fine that you have to pay not the company.
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    Do what you're told. Comprende'??
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    I've been told it's a $5000 fine for not filling out the DVIR.
  9. Baba gounj

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    And find me one example where it has been done except after some one has crashed.
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    Well thats when you would logically find it? If everyone did their dvir and decr; they would find MOST problems before it led to an accident. By signing the cert papers on any equipment at UPS you are saying I will follow the procedure of pre and posting my eqiupment and if i find any faults I will report them immediately. Supevisors can't back track and do the inspection for you, GSE cant inspect all the equipment all the time, and the DOT can't follow up on the inspections of hundreds of thousands of box trucks, commercial vans, tractors, trailors, and package cars.
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    So you think all accidents are caused by faulty unreported equipment.?
  12. drewed

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    no i wasnt saying that, i was saying fines come from accidents that happen get investigated, faults are found in equipment (may or may not be contributing factor to accident) and the faults were never reported
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    companies with good processes and procedures in place to comply generally do not get fined.

    Feeder drivers frequently get audited and fined at weigh stations. The fines are almost allways paid by the company.

    DOt can and does set up unannounced roadside inspection stations.

    Drivers can get fined after accidents if they are proven negligent on their pretrips but it usually does not happen.