Overnight/UPS Freight Salaries?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by JayhawkJay, Oct 27, 2006.

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    Obviously, the hourly rates/ salaries are much different between the UPS Union tractor drivers and the UPS Freight drivers( Overnight). What are these pay differences, and will this possibly change for the better?
  2. bamaboy

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    When we (UPS Freight) starting making as much profit and revenue that UPS small package makes, I would bet our salary improves. The problem is that we are a long way from making that profit/revenue compared to small package. It is no different than when we were O, you got to have the freight to make $$ and you have to give good service to keep the freight once you have it.
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    True, I had a customer ask me who runs the docks down at UPS freight. I told him I did not know and he said the manager he talked to was an A-hole. He said they lost a pallet with $8,000 worth of goods and that was 2 weeks ago. I hear that in typical fashion, UPS buys something and then has no idea what to do with it.
  4. I was just wondering if either one of you knew how much the delivery truck drivers made annually?
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    I'm UPSF, I asked a UPS Feeder Driver and he told me as much as they wanted. He said most weeks they work at least 45 to 50 hours per week and some even work longer. He says that sometimes he works on his off day (4/10) and that day is all time and half. No differnent than any other job. If you work hard and long, you usually make more money. So take $25.00 per hour and start the multiplication.:thumbup1:
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    I work for ups freight and do also have friends that work for ups. The difference in pay has to do with the difference in the job. We as upgf have a lower scale because are income ratio to theres in trailer revenue is 100% difference. Also, there is the matter of union and non-union. There non-union part of ups doesn't make much on there docks as sorters. Also, factor in that are side is lazy, can't service the customers, and couldn't dispatch out of centrol correctly on a good day. If ups management would just get off there butts and start firing managers and teach us the about rules and standards. We may actually see our wallets getting fatter. Just tell them to put a leash on there managers in regards to the way they treat you!
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    My Father-in-law works for ABF and it seems that union freight drivers are making around 24 or so an hour. I do his taxes and he brings in roughly 70 grand a year..
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    UPS feeder drivers make about $27.60 per hour not counting contract supplements. Our feeder drivers work 57 to 59 hours a week. Yearly, its about $90,000.00 to $100,000.00 a year.
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    Ups pay rates vary by a few dollars depending on the union local.
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    i can tell you from experience that fedex drivers make a lot more money
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    fedex freight drivers make less than ups frieght per hour also fedex friend on road drivers being hurt by wakins buy
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    How can i be hired as a UPS freight driver? What's involve with the training and what kind of starting pay i can expect?
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    FreightTeamsters such as ABF make $21.76 hr
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    i work for ups freight and make 21.00 an hour and non union go figure
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    My brother is a Fedex Freight P and D driver and is currently making $23.55 an hour, plus they receive a production bonus every month that runs around $250.00.
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    I know out of our UPGF terminal, we start at 18.01 and top out at 21.50/hour. It depends on where you live for the wages. I know that we are paying the same as Fedex freight with better benefits in this area.
  17. krash

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    Where'd you come up with that figure:confused:1
    There making 24
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    Im sure that some areas there pay is better.
  19. nvnative

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    I've talked to Boise, Salt Lake, Sacramento, Newark, Fresno, San Jose, Rialto, L.A., And Las Vegas drivers, everybody I talk to is making the same wages exept us at REN Reno, NV. and thats because we were union before ups took over and still considered union now, I just started 1 month ago so i don't know all the details but I do know I'm making less than everybody I talk to.
  20. Buckethead

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    Salt Lake and Reno were always paid less than the rest of the system, due to being Union. Then the Teamsters dropped representation for the SAL employees, they did not have enough paying dues. MC in Newark used to get paid a little more for the area they are in. I don't know if they have it the same way since the integration.
    When the Indy contract comes out I'm sure Reno will be the first to benefit, being they are all ready represented. I've worked for Motor Cargo/UPSF for over 6 years and it took me quite a while to make up what I lost at the start of the integration. Actually I had to work in a Team operation to make up the difference, If I didn't, I would not have made enough to make it. In a way you guy's make more because you never lost your delay (line drivers, of coarse).

    Stick with the Reno terminal, you guys will be making more than the rest of us soon, well, at least for a while.