Paid Family Leave Coming January 2019

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Better than nothing. Does this include part timers? Employee's on the "percent of range" and / or those on the "step" plan?

No idea if it includes PT employees. It was mentioned to me by one of my old colleagues. He says it should be announced soon since ops managers have already gotten the announcement. I think it's a nice benefit if you plan on making some additions to the family.


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I had a grand total of 1 day off for my 2 kids. Not one each--just one. That was back when men were men and didn't have to let their V jay jays heal up after ma had the baby.


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Thanks for confirming my post. Yes we have debt just like the US Federal Debt. But we are by no means bankrupt.
You certainly are, California has unfunded debts and does not have the ability to coin or print currency. Wait for the future defaults.