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  1. There’s a building close to me that claims to be starting part timers at 14$ an hour? Is this true or even possible? It’s the Chambersburg, PA building. I’m pretty sure they’re in the same local as us so I don’t understand how that can be.
  2. Some buildings do that when they can't get people to work there.
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    Ups is either offering a higher starting wage or attendance bonus for new hires. It is happening all over the country
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    The contract covers minimum pay.
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    Yes it is possible
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    What's the minimun wage in that town?
  7. Minimum wage is 7.25 and man that’s some :censored2:. I know they’re in desperate need for people so I guess that’s why.
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    Heh not here.
    We are short 3 people on my shift (soon to be 4) and they're paying me :censored2:ing $10.35 an hour. We don't even have enough people to adequately run our shift. Every day there's some :censored2: driver glaring into the trailer screaming about how the load isn't gonna fit and that I need to 'stack high' while I struggle to lift the 400th 50 pound box over my head that night.
    My favorite moments are when the feeder driver hooks up the trailer with me still inside and a stack topples over on my head. Was literally knocked the :censored2: out face down on the trailer floor for a few minutes while boxes continued to fall on top of me off the belt. No one noticed or cared. Came to just in time to hear my sup peeking his head around the corner barking PLAY TETRIS. PLAY TETRIS. I suppose if I'm going to die on the job I'll at least have the honor of listening to boomers whine about how lazy my generation is as I fade out.
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    You should have filed an injury report. Or at least a grievance.
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    why are you putting heavy boxes on top of the wall it doesnt work like that save them for your next base
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    That how I can get paid 38, while coworkers getting less.
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    Maybe if you worked more, posted less, you'd get the bump, too.
  14. I'm done already. Lol
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    Runner, the company doesn't like them.
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  16. They also don't like paying me for 8 when I work 7.5
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    The Trump economy is doing the Teamsters job.
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