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Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Jan 9, 2010.

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    I just got my "Frontline Performance Pay" statement, a whopping 0.75% payout, since I'm a 7.0 employee. Translation---$204 and change. WOW!! That is life-changing money and I truly feel appreciated for my efforts. Maybe I can afford to take my family out to McDonald's to celebrate. How about a real raise (not 2%) and some meaningful bonus pay.

    As others have pointed-out, this is a cheapskate attempt to buy some loyalty as the RLA controversy is coming around the bend. Don't fall for it!! If you want the rest of your FedEx career to mirror what's been happening for the last few years, accept this token offer as a show of the way Fred "cares" about you. Please don't be that stupid.


    You know, I keep seeing this commercial for KY intense...maybe if we can't get the union in, maybe Uncle Fredward will spring for a little bit of lube...nah I doubt it.
  3. Brown287

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    Please explain to us non-FedEx employees exactly what this is you speak of. Is this your form of pay raise, or some sort of bonus, or just free money from the employee driven FedEx management?
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    hes complaining about getting free money.What a lame.
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    Fedex Hour Employees received a "Frontline Performance Pay" of approximately 1% based on hours worked in December (or something like that).

    Essentially its a christmas bonus. It usually comes as the PPP or Purple Promise Payout. Last year it was more of a fixed amount that was supposed to be disbursed every 6 months. When the recession hit the company hard they suspended the performance payout.

    Word is hourly employees used to get a lot more of a 'bonus' each year but has been taken away along with a lot of other cuts.

    I know its easy to hate FedEx. Its a push and pull with management and recently its been a lot more take then give. I don't fault MrFedEx for being angry, he's never posted a lie here.

    Its important to remember - this is a huge company. $1 for every employee means $290,000 off the bottom line. Sucks but we're in the business of making money. Best bet for wealth? Start your own business.
  6. MrFedEx

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    No, I'm happy to get anything from FedEx. You're lame if you don't recognize this "bonus" as a feeble attempt to generate some loyalty preceeding the upcoming battle over the RLA classification. Now that health care is starting to get resolved, the EFCA and RLA will be back on the front burner. That's why you're getting around 2% in March and the FPP now. Management can crow all they want about paying-out raises during a severe recession, but apparently you're not bright enough to realize what you've lost over the last few years.

    If you add-up the dissolution of the Traditional Pension Plan, hours cut-backs in most locations, increased deductibles for insurance, and all of the rest, you've taken a defacto 12-15% pay cut. Now they give you back 2% and this tiny bonus and you're ready to grovel at their feet?
  7. Brown287

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    UPS has a weekly bonus program that is available to all of its Full-Time Package Drivers. If your building has either voted it in or would vote it in, it entitles you to your hourly rate for every hour that you run under. Believe it or not but this can average well over $200 a week. Of course the union does not like this for apparent reasons but for those of us that work in a building that gets it, its GREAT! So yes we didn't get turkeys this year but my bonus this year totaled around $10,000.
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    With everything else going on, why do you think that the EFCA and RLA issues will be on the front burner? Why not Green Technology and Iran?
  9. Just another example of freddy taking five dollars out of my left pocket and sticking four in my right pocket. We were informed by senior mgr this morning in sta meeting of exact specifics of ppp payout. .75 percent of earnings from 07/01/09 to 12/31/09. what a joke. Then the merit pay increase this march will be 2 percent for top pay employees and up to 2.2 percent depending on review for everyone else. WOW a whole two tenth of a percent. too kind. too kind. what a joke. The crappy merit pay increase is gone because of the raise in cost of medical insurance and i wont even begin to try to explain the portable pencion instead of the old pension. cant wait till jimmy hoffa jr gets in here and gets us competitive salary to brown.
  10. MrFedEx

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    Another person who "gets it". BRAVO ZULU!! Fred will send you a worthless BZ certificate and no money for your superb performance. Seriously, welcome aboard. It's nice to have someone else on here who won't drink the Kool-Aid.:happy2:
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    Are you really going to complain about extra money? If so, just send it back with a letter that says "No thanks", don't cash it, or text it to Haiti. How many of your friends that don't work at FedEx are getting a raise? Or still have a job? In my region, every manager gives a $50 BZ every month, and every Sr a $100 one.....not life changing, but still free. I won't defend the pension comment b/c it's true that the PPP isn't half what the old plan was.

    If, by some freak accident, Hoffa could take your money...err represent you, what guarantee is there that he can get you anything ? Zero. Only promise that he can make AND keep is that they will negotiate on your behalf. If FedEx doesn't agree to it, it doesn't happen. The money has to come from somewhere, that somewhere is the PTers benefits and pay which is currently identical to the FTers with the exception of LT disabilty. Does that seem fair?

    I'm going to go get some of the kool-aid MrFedEx likes to talk about and wait for his standard reply......
  12. MrFedEx

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    I'll take my chances with Hoffa. We already know what Fred will do for us, and that's absolutely effing NOTHING. If you're happy with that enjoy your cool, refreshing glass of FedEx Kool-Aid. Is that close enough to my "standard answer" for you?
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    Yeah, pretty much what I expected. Good luck with Hoffa, I'm sure he and his cronies are real concerned with your well-being. Yeah, yeah.....Fred doesn't care either. If Fred didn't give a ******, he'd be sitting on a private island counting his money......I'm sure he's just sticking around to make your life miserable.
  14. MrFedEx

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    You think Fred gives a crap about us? For all I know, he already has a private island somewhere. He sticks around because he's a greedy and power-hungry little man who likes being in power. Ever heard of a megalomaniac? Smith wants to be God and have little people like us "worship" him. No thanks....
  15. MD10MECH

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    Then Leave.
  16. MrFedEx

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    You sound like a perfect candidate to be one of Fred's minions. Isn't the A/C mechanic workgroup one of Smith's most vocal critics? What happened to you? Did you drink some purple Skydrol or ar you just clueless?
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    Nope.It doesn't matter how much you give someone they always want more.I've been in a Union and don't want one now.Not with the way the economy is now.And yes one of the unions i was in was the Teamsters.All i'm saying is that if your not happy where you work then maybe it's time to find another job that you feel good about going into each day.Why would people go somewhere they don't like.
  18. TheJackal

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    I agree......well said MD. I think MrFedEx needs hug.
  19. MrFedEx

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    Nope. Mr. FedEx needs some cash in his pocket. Frankly, I'm tired of subsidizing our execs and pilots out of my tiny paycheck. It sounds like you two are happy as clams keeping those flyboys and management types in Fat City. If you're happy with that, I feel sorry for you. Fred would much rather give you a hug than part with a penny, by the way. Compare your retirement pkg to that of a pilot or upper management type. You might not like what you find out.
  20. TheJackal

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    It's big business at it's finest. No matter what a company gives you, no matter how much you make, you'll never be happy. I'm assuming you've been with the company a long time. Going under that assumption.........if you didn't like what FedEx gives you, what they pay you or how the company is run, you would have left a long time ago. Look at the UPS drivers making $25-30/hr and wish they get more. When the layoffs were coming around the business world, management took mandatory paycuts to save frontline workers. UPS cut frontline jobs and the drivers were on this forum wondering if their raises were correct while the drivers next to them were being laid off.

    I go in everyday, do my job and go home. At the end of every day/week, I know I will be paying my mortgage, putting food on the table and putting a bit of cash in the bank. I also know I will be going into work tomorrow unless I do something to jeopardize my employment.