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    As we go through another Peak, just a few random thoughts.

    1. FedEx "cares" about extracting every bit of productivity and profit from you they can. Not just now, but always. Keep this in mind when you are offered donuts, pizza, McDonald's or whatever these days. One, they don't want you taking a real break, and two, they'd like you to drain your wallet by taking your break waiting on the airplane or CTV. Do you ever get food after Peak? No, you don't, and that should tell you something.

    2. Your holiday plans and events mean nothing to management. Yes, I know that long hours are just part of the deal, but if you have to miss your kid's Christmas play because they want you to go back out and deliver until 8pm, it isn't worth it. Your wife. family and kids care.....FedEx doesn't. All of your extra effort will be quickly forgotten. It doesn't pay to be a hero.

    3. You are just a "body". In fact, how many times have you heard management use this term for couriers? If you get hurt or have a serious accident, they'll just plug another "body" into your slot. We are units of production to Memphis, and nothing else.

    4. FedEx charity events make the company look good to the public at your expense. Give and volunteer, but don't do it in the name of FedEx. They will make you wear a dumb t-shirt and say wonderful things so you can go on Frontline and say how much FedEx cares about the downtrodden. They don't care. Just ask a Ground driver, the one that probably qualifies for food stamps, how much FedEx cares. Most managers attend these events with a gun to their heads anyway because they are required to be there. Give generously of your time and money if you can, but not so MT3 can spray it all over the TV.

    5. Don't cut corners on your safety to get it all done. It isn't worth an injury or accident to deliver on ice or snow in the dark. If you fall and get hurt, guess who will get blamed. The ice? Think again. If you slide into the ditch? Same thing.

    6. The first day after Peak, they will ruthlessly try and cut your hours in any way possible. Do not waive your minimums. Do not volunteer to leave early unless it benefits you, and don't take LWOP. If there isn't anything to do....too bad. Just as being overwhelmed during Peak is part of the deal, so is the decline in volume after Christmas. Your local management wll probably try to combine your route with 3 others anyway.

    Don't be stupid.


    I resemble that remark. Fulltime, almost 15 years with this "wonderful people company" and I qualify for government assistance. That's how much FedEx cares. PT's getting 50-60 hrs a week, while I struggle with it all. I sure hope karma kicks Uncle Freddy in the nuts soon.
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    So right on all the above, but especially on number 4. All the Fedex employees who give to the United way, and Fred takes credit for their donations. I PO'd my manager earlier this year when I refused to update my $0 donation in PRISM. I told him why update when it ain't gonna change. After a couple of weeks, he finally gave in and I haven't heard about it since. I'll give my donations privately to LOCAL groups who do things I care about, and where at least 90% of my donations actually do some good. Unlike United Way, where I'm sure a majority (and I'll bet it's more than 75%) of the money is used to cover the salaries and bonuses of pencil pushers!
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    He most likely wanted you to update your $0 donation ( I don`t know what PRISM is ) so it would show that his center has 100% participation, even though you`re not contributing. The 100% participation is the only thing he cares about.
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    7. Don't do the managers any favors. Ever.
    Encourage all new hires to do the same. Don't let them get blindsided by the BS management.
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    I am that remark. As peak gets going my hours go up. No OT but I might be lucky to get another 15 dollar gift card to 7-11 on Christmas Eve. Figuring out the 20 days of peak, 5 days a week and if I only work 12 is 4 hours of OT a day. So if I stay at 12 (unlikely) I will give 80 hours of OT in those 4 weeks. I miss out on 1200 dollars atleast. That 1200 would ensure my kids have a great Christmas but no instead my food stamps will ensure we have a good Christmas dinner. FedEx Cares hahahaha what a joke, I like many Ground Drivers have the tax payers to thank for our Christmas not FedEx.
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    Fred, the Great Capitalist and "free market" success story. Never mind that he gets the subsidized workforce you mention at Ground and a guaranteed non-union workforce at Express (RLA), which is also a subsidy.

    This is why Ground is such a scam. FedEx essentially gets free labor instead of having to pay OT and benefits. UPS pays both benefits and an excellent wage, yet they have to compete against FedEx on both the Express and Ground fronts at a significant disadvantage. Where's the outrage from our political leaders? Oh, don't want to miss-out on a check from Fred by ticking him off? 10-4.
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    I thought Ground drivers are paid by the contractors?
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    They are, but FedEx (the corporation) gets to charge subsidized rates for Ground services because labor costs are artificially low. FedEx pays the contractors, and the contractors pay the drivers a pittance. Scam.