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    The full timers all vote. Part timers do not. You can’t say we don’t have leverage because we voted to authorize a strike and were serious about it. It’s the unions choice to ignore those who do vote and blame it on the part timers who don’t. Makes no sense if you are trying to please those who vote. They’re the ones who vote in union leadership.
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    And gave them more than an inch
    We had them by the balls and effed it up
    What a shame
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    You can't say that for sure, because the IBT doesn't publish that info.

    Only 22% of the membership voted in the strike authorization vote.

    No one thought the members were serious.
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    Every Local is required to post (at every location) the details of the election

    process, and instructs the members what to do if they don't receive a ballot.

    How do you rig an election, that is conducted by an outside 3rd party firm ?

    BallotPoint Election Services
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    The same way the company and the Union "rigs" stuff.
    Put enough money under the table and people tend to look the other way.
    It's not the 1960's anymore with Ward, June and Beaver Cleaver.
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    You're right.

    It's not the 60's, 70's, or even the 80's and 90's.

    There is way too much technology nowadays, to get away with that crap.

    The Union members suffered the financial consequence because of that.
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    Do you all put your teeth in a bowl at the center of the table at these breakfast meetings?
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    How do they get around insurance ? One would think using a personal vehicle for commercial purposes would void their insurance coverage.
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  10. Operational needs

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    I would guess they don’t tell their insurance companies.
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    UPS has to verify insurance of these drivers before they start . So is it on UPS to say something ?
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    They probably verify they HAVE insurance, not whether it covers business use or not.
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    do you still have your teeth
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    Yep. Have never even had a cavity.
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    im thinking ups makes sure you have insurance so the car itself is legal to begin with and then im also thinking they have this

    Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance provides liability coverage for bodily injuries or property damage that you or your employees cause while driving for work. This protection applies to vehicles you “hire” (like a rental car) or vehicles your business doesn't own (like employees' personal vehicles).
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    No, they wont
  17. toonertoo

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    Could be? I do not know. I was at a meeting and my car got broken into, and they paid me nothing. I was "on the clock"
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    I would have raised hell about that one. Did you file a claim with your own insurance company? (I'm sorry if you had to go that route) If you did, your insurance company should be going after UPS via subrogation, and should reimburse you any out of pocket expenses (deductible, etc). Unfortunately, it's still a mark on your insurance history, and will be taken into consideration come policy renewal time, even if you switch to a different insurance carrier (that mark on your insurance history will follow you).
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    Yes we do
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    They had a huge problem in St. Louis a few years back. Lots of break ins. Cat converters getting cut out of all kind of vehicles. In the employee parking lot mostly during preload.

    Ups: well we don’t own the parking lot. We just rent it. We aren’t liable.