Preload Duties+Contract Obligations

I currently work AM preload for the UPS Vancouver operation. My question is about preload contract obligation and the fields the contract covers. In our center there is no preloader shop steward, and some how I think that we're getting screwed in some way. I don't much trust our supervisor because he has bull****ted in the past. This envolves a new routine recently added to the preload which requires the scanning of tracking labels of the packages the preloader loads, and as well as the other packages that pass on the belt. Just 2 months earlier some contract people were hired for this position, but now it seems to have fallen on us. I don't understand why this is something that they have slapped on us, and the only information that I have about the use of these scans is for the manager to have numbers to give when on conference call with Toronto. Main management has never called a PCM to address this, and I feel that its the preload supervisor passing on his job to us. He is not very good at managing his resources and is somewhat lazy. This is hard to do when its really busy and you have more then 3 cars to load. We're not PAS enabled yet so I don't understand where this has come from and why.


Your immediate sups have probobly been told to initiate a policy that involves the most scans possible to enable the customer to see the progress of thier package.Just keep loading your trucks and relax.
The holidays are upon us and the online purchases this year will far exceed that of previous years.I`m a driver in Toronto,and I realize
that sometimes they ask too much.
Not true because that dot matrix code is what is used to track packages, is present in all UPS lables, but I guess there is no choice until I get a new job. I like the job but my output does not equal my pay, I can surely do better somewhere else, and from what I'm hearing more and more people feel the same way as I do. I don't see too many people applying for preload...

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No, the big barcode is what is used in tracking packages. It is the tracking number, barcoded. The dot matrix has address information for facilities with automated sorts.


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Preload should be finishing up around the time the drivers start showing up. Surely there is a shop steward among the FT pkg car drivers. Why don't you express your concerns to the FT shop steward? This will, at least, document your concerns and perhaps get the ball rolling towards a resolution.


I'm not working the vancouver preload but this one is not hard to figure out. More scans improves visibility service. No brainer. Makes service better. Plain and simple.

Your job is to load your car and try to scan as many packages as possible as they go by. It does not really matter if you agree with the philosophy. The boss man pays you to do a job to his satisfaction. If you wish to start your own parcel delivery service then the benifit is you get to decide whether physically scanning packages on your belt is value added. until you pay the bills the answer is simple scan em to the best of your ability.


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I think his question was, essentially,.....why should he have to do his job and NOW, someone else's job also?
Through my years with the company I have seen "the job" get "redefined" which, essentially, means that someone else's work is getting shoved off on another person.
Where does it end?
You're always gonna be a good ol' boy as long as you're doing someone's s### work.
Just an opinion.........