Question about the UPS/Central States plan.

Discussion in 'UPS Retirement Topics' started by Pip, Aug 9, 2007.

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    If the proposed agreement between UPS and Central States goes through, Are those people already drawing a pension pretty much screwed? Got to wonder if there is a alternate plan if this happens. I'm not neccessarily talking about UPS retirees (i'm thinking they will be taken care of.), more less talking about people from other companies that are in Central States.

    I know UPS has pretty much been the cashcow for CS. I am thinking there is going to be a lot of people affected by this adversely. Seems to me I remember reading some place that Yellow is also planning/or has already pulled out of CS, also.

    Anybody have the inside scoop on how this is going to play out?
  2. hondo

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    Fair disclosure: I am in no way directly affected by CS. Although uncharacteristically optimistic for me, I'm hoping UPS' "buyout" would shore up/stabilize its funding, thereby improving the situation for all workers and retirees remaining in the plan.