remote delivery plan is coming

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    look for a remote delivery initiaive in mid february....If you are a high miles low stop driver---plan on doing it every other day-- and given your seniority entitles you to--bumbing into a real route the other days.
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    They already tried this many years ago and it was a huge failure. Customers than and now expect service each and every day. So try as they might this will either never happen or will end soon there after.
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    Rural Remote--The Sequel

    Now playing at a UPS center near you.
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    Please enlighten me--how does this apply to Rural Remote?
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    And exactly where did you gain this wisdom from?

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    given economic conditions - I think customers will digest it better this time around :biting:
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    I run a rural route and the amount of premium service pkgs will surprise you. If I'm going to run out there for the premiums, I might as well take it all. Plus if UPS starts a rural route delivery plan, will FedEx follow suit? How will we look if Fed Ex delivers every day and we don't? All we can provide to the customer is service. If we can't do that, we are nothing.
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    How long do you think the customers would continue to use UPS once they tracked their packages and realized that they were gathering dust under a belt at their local UPS building -----and their driver just drove by and waved at them. Rural remote didn't work the last time and unless Fedex and the USPS went to the same schedule it won't work this time either.
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    It's their ship. If they are not worried about it sinking, than neither should we. Let the necktie people make all of the big decisions. I think we need to work on a much more important issue-why is my package car not being washed everyday?

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    I was a preloader for this the first time around. I remember it as red day/blue day. On the different days you were suppose to load different stuff. It was horrible. Also that was just before the big 1997 strike. UPS was trying to hide volume and stops ,then gave us the first,best,final offer contract.

    How would this work with PAS. There is absoulutly no knowledge of anything anymore in the hub I work in. They wouldn't have a clue of what packages to scan and not scan. If you scan everything it's going to download into your EDD.
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    Rural remote would actually be very easy to implement with PAS/EDD. The dispatch sup has control over which pkgs are put out for delivery and which would be held in the center. All pkgs would be scanned and PAL labels affixed but you would see a lot more HOLD or FUT (Future) labels which would not become part of your EDD. These would simply go down the belt and be loaded on to an empty pkg car.

    Rural remote has been discussed in depth many times here. In theory it is actually a sound business plan; however, in the hands of incompetent mgt, it becomes a dispatch tool and, in the end, bears little resemblance to the original concept.
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    Please tell me you are joking.
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    Trp, you and I have both read most of his previous posts and I have since learned to place little credence in anything he has to offer.
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    In our center ,the route with the most miles has an everyday pickup hat is over 100 miles from our center, with easily 20 business stops scattered in the rural area. Businesses (in the old remote program) were still delivered each day, the "remote" was only for residential non-premium packages. It sure wouldn't save much, if anything, to remote. Same as it didn't the last time.
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    If you wait a short period of time, you will see a post by UpstateNYUPSer.

    What's this signature supposed to mean? Aren't we supposed to make posts on here? Isn't that how forum's work? I mean, you may not have anything pertinent to say, but upstate has a huge background, that covers many areas of knowledge. Should upstate squelch his wisdom, when he has an obviously relevant point to make? I understand that you have dislike for this brother, but this brother has quite the head on his shoulders. JMHO, as always.
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    This is going to be a real cluster**** if/when it gets implemented considering how long it takes to get things fixed in EDD now.

    That should make it very fun to watch as it unfolds.
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    Steve, thanks and don't let w bother you. He is like that last little bit that the toilet paper just won't remove.
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    I don't think this will happen. When we did it in the 90's it was abused. There were many Friday's when staffing was short we would just eliminate a few more extended routes( routes that were supposed to be in that day) with the knowledge that the next Monday when volume and stops are traditionally light we would catch these routes up. Not exactly how thr rural initiative was intended to work.
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    the decision on which packages were to be remoted could not be done by EDD in our center. They can't even get the LD correct much less anything like remotes. If they put it in again, the cars will be loaded as they are now and the driver will have to decide what to remote. Someone mentioned Clustersomething....they're %100 correct.