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    Senior guys choose quick, Saturday sign up list or mandatory Sunday. How many other drivers were told last Friday morning PCM that we quote "might" unquote be working both Saturday and Sunday. First off DOT regulations say 34 hours off between weeks so that means one or the other choose your poison, Saturday or Sunday. So because they announced the might be working last Friday could also grieve that the company did provide one weeks notice for the scheduled start time or mandatory work day. I might show up Monday, I might not. Don't think that would go over to well with management. Lastly is a drop in the bucket, which would be unsafe working conditions, that the body requires at least two days to recuperate considering the 1.5-2 times the increased work load, helper or not. Be safe, be smart, work using the methods all the time as if your being watched, because you probably are.
  2. To bad for union meetings. Won't make it in there.
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    First off DOT regulations say 34 hours off between weeks

    We do it all the time without a reset. U have the option to return to the old way where u drop ur 7th day and gain hours after midnight. They can force u into it at their convenience.
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    Thanks for the reply, always work as instructed and grieve after, and pick your battles wisely I know. Just with the loss of after thanksgiving and now a Sunday, what is the union getting out of this deal at the expense of its members backs. I don't sign up for Saturday's ever, I was made to do more than enough in my junior years. Twenty years with the company and I'm only half way up the food chain.
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    I am #3 on the seniority list and was the first to sign up to work 12/21.
  6. A little bit of extra coin in a grandpa's pocket could go a long way.
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    Congratulations, do you want a cookie?
  8. jaker

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    Here we go again , all the greedy drivers

    I won't be there either day and if I am forced there will be a phone call in the morning
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    Heading to the city shopping with the family on Saturday. Watching the Pack on Sunday. Work not in the equation.
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    I dont see my self going in, unless my plans for Saturday Christmas with my son, changes.
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    DOT hours of service just changed?

    FMCSA suspends enforcement of certain sections of the Agency’s Hours of Service (HOS) rules as required by the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015, enacted December 16, 2014. Specifically, FMCSA suspends the requirements regarding the restart of a driver’s 60- or 70-hour limit that drivers were required to comply with beginning July 1, 2013. The restart provisions have no force or effect from the date of enactment of the Appropriations Act through the period of suspension, and such provisions are replaced with the previous restart provisions in effect on June 30, 2013. FMCSA provides this notice to motor carriers, commercial drivers, State Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program grant recipients and other law enforcement personnel of these immediate enforcement changes.

    DATES: The suspension of enforcement of § 395.3(c) and (d) is effective as of 12:01 a.m. on December 16, 2014.
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    Sunday is 7th punch= double time=easy choice.
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    Get you some.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    No---I would prefer that you train me on the delivery methods of premium air products.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I prefer "opportunistic" over "greedy".

    My son is not coming home until the 22nd and my daughter is too pregnant to be in the mood for company. The Patriots are playing the Jets in the early game and should win it rather easily. Plus, I am taking the 26th off so working the 21st will pay for that day.
  16. jaker

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    Yeah I know you can always justify why you need to do something that you shouldn't do
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I do know that I do not have to justify myself to you or anyone else on this forum.
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    For once, I agree with you Upstate. Signing up to work Saturday or Sunday is not greedy. It's an opportunity. When my kids were younger, I never volunteered to work Saturdays preferring to spend time with them. But 2 of my kids are working on Saturday and my youngest will be with her friends on Saturday.
    I also look at it like this, soon I will be retired. Pension, social security and my 401k plan. How many raises or chances to earn extra money will I have after I retire?
    I would rather go into retirement with way more money than I would project I would need for over 30 years. Because I know I won't be getting much of pay increases in those years, and inflation or other forces can negatively affect my retirement.
    So I think I will volunteer too work Saturday too.
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    They changed the reset rules back to the way they were in 2013. The 34 hr reset no longer requires 2 periods of between 1 and 5 am and raised the 7 day hr max to 82 from 70. That's all I know about anyways.
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    Sunday isn't a 7th punch, it's the start of a new work week. Ups weeks are Sunday-Saturday.