Selling The Purple Lie

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    Has anyone noticed the new posters in the stations that refer to SFA questions? What a joke!! This month's theme seems to be "Are there opportunities for personal growth at FedEx?", and the poster shows all the various ways we are supposed to attain the featured SFA item. Apparently, FedEx thinks they can still distribute their propaganda and that we'll just swallow it whole like the good little morons we are. Although it works on a few of the Purple people, everyone else just laughs at it...even the managers at my station. Why? Because even they know that it's like produce that's gone bad on the shelf, a black banana that they're trying to peddle as fresh. It isn't going to sell, just like the posters. But they just keep on trotting out the same old crap.

    By the way, BZ and "great job". We "care" here at FedEx. The OSS guy says your route needs to be expanded by 15% because his (bogus) figures show you can do more. Yeah, and take your split, drive safely, and have a balanced work and family life. LIE!!!! Teamsters NOW....
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    So how many of your threads like this end up hanging flacid in the ethernet like this one? A random cry in the desert to all the downtrodden proclaiming "Prepare ye the way of th Brotherhood!" Just kidding.:happy2:
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    Some stay limp and some get hard. What can I say?
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    By the way, BZ and "great job". We "care" here at FedEx. The OSS guy says your route needs to be expanded by 15% because his (bogus) figures show you can do more. Yeah, and take your split, drive safely, and have a balanced work and family life. LIE!!!! Teamsters NOW....

    The Teamsters don't recognize work measurements or standards. Our "Fair Days Work" keeps growing also.
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    I'm sure that's true over at Brown too. I just get tired of them having us perform conflicting or idiotic tasks, and then be held accountable when everything doesn't go according to the "plan".
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    I thought the purple pill was supposed to help.
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    This thread needs the little blue pill.
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    Warning: Purple Pill = Suppository
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    LOL Can you tell I don't travel much to the medicine cabinet anymore? That would require some explaining the next time I felt in an amorous mood! "Uh, honey, hold that thought another minute. I'll be right back...again.:happy-very:
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    Ha I don't know what purple pill you were talking about. I was talking about "the purple pill" Fedex hands out daily.
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    mrfedex is the only one here who tells the truth.

    fred smith can shove it.
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    HEY, some others here are telling the truth too!
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    Oh, look. MrFedex has groupies! Isn't that cute/nauseating. And to think that I was so certain that truth would be far more complex than a single individual's point of view. Tsk, tsk. Good to know I am in the presence of such expansive intellect. Does tieguy know you're moving in on his territory?:surprised::happy2:
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    I have heard that if you chop up the blue pill, like coke and snort it, it puts you back (mentally) into High School where certain issues did not exist.

    The only purple thing I can think of are grapes.

    Orange...well, oranges

    add some cheap wine and grain alcohol...........Oh yeah!! Sangria!!!

    I hope I have added some value to this thread
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    I don't know about value, but it does bring back some fond memories.
  16. FedEx All the Way!

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    The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) represents more than 1.3 million members. It is perhaps best known for its historical relationship with the mafia and for the mysterious 1975 disappearance of its notorious president, Jimmy Hoffa, whose son is the current union's president. In 1989 the Justice Department brought a racketeering case against the union, saying that it was a "wholly owned subsidiary of organized crime." Since 1992, the Teamsters have been overseen by an Independent Review Board (IRB) that is charged with making sure the union stays clean. It is not entirely clear that this IRB has succeeded.

    • Four of the last eight Teamsters presidents have been indicted according to the FBI. According to a 1999 Congressional report, in 1957, president David Beck was convicted of embezzlement. In 1964, president James R. Hoffa was convicted of jury tampering. In 1982 president Roy Williams was convicted for defrauding the union's pension fund. Williams testified: "I was controlled by [mobster] Nick Civella." In 1986, president Jackie Presser was indicted for embezzling union funds and giving "no-show" jobs to organized crime figures. He died before going to trial.
    • A 1999 Congressional report noted that the Teamsters' "[Ron] Carey Administration moved to quiet dissent and shut the door on independent oversight. Specifically, the IBT used an internal body designed to weed out corruption as a means of targeting political opponents." The report accused the Teamsters, under Carey's leadership, of "misuse of union assets, misrepresentation of the IBT's financial affairs, questionable transactions, and illegal activities during the 1996 IBT election, all at the expense of the rank-and-file."
    • A 2002 article in the generally pro-union New Republic magazine noted that the IBT is "still plagued by corruption; ex-felons and people with reputed mob associations lurk around the edges of key Teamster locals seeking influence over the union ... Indeed, corruption within the Teamsters may actually have increased in recent years, as Hoffa has resurrected a group of suspect union officials who were ousted by the IRB or relegated to the sidelines under [former president Ron] Carey. Hoffa has been in office only a little more than two years, but already the IRB has charged several Teamster officials with corruption and with mob associations. And some of them are close to Hoffa himself."
  17. MrFedEx

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    I'm no fan of Hoffa, as many of my previous posts indicate. Even if he's a mobster, we're better-off as Teamsters than with Fred Smith. One is a corporate criminal, and one is a union criminal. Which is worse?
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    Who cares.. I would gladly pay 83.00 dollars a month for job security, benefits, a voice in the company, benefits, vacation pay, overtime, benefits, paid holidays, sick days, 401, pension, a decent hourly wage and did I mention great benefits... I really think its funny how you show up when there is talk of a union and try to detour employees from it. Bottom line If FedEX treated everyone fairly they would not need to worry about us wanting a union..
  19. MrFedEx

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    FEATW doesn't even work for FedEx. Her husband does, or she says he works there as a manager. Who knows. One thing for sure is that she has zero experience with 20 year top-outs, increased workloads and productivity expectations without more pay, or any of the other BS hourlies put up with on a daily basis at Express. In other words, she doesn't know what she's talking about.

    I agree with you. I'll gladly pay a monthly pittance to the IBT in return for much better wages and a real retirement plan. Again, if FedEx is so freaking great, why are they so worried about letting us vote on it? The answer should be obvious, even to FEATW.
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    FEATW starting to sound alot like Smith's cabin boy Maurey Lane!