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Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by OrioN, Oct 22, 2018.

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    See you have no integrity, either.
    Great ass/et you are.
  2. OrioN

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    Nope, I crammed 183 boxes so it was bricked out along with smalls riding shotgun on the passenger seat; not blocking the side mirrors... we are hurting for new drivers... some of those trained over the summer have moved on to Amazon or better.

    with area knowledge gathered over 3 years now on my bid rural route, I don't mind driving in the dark

    I stayed organized so it's stress free when I arrive at a stop, open that rear rollup door, and quickly select the box in front of the customer.

    Oh damn and with the new single system, having it # by stop numbers instead of the stupid SiD makes it faster to locate the box in low light conditions... yeah, I'm not taking damaged boxes for a ride to DEX em 010 or 006 @ a delivery point
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  3. It will be fine

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    What does anything I said have to do with integrity? I’m contracted with Fedex to make money. Loading time generates no revenue, that means it’s wasted. Cargo claims aren’t my problem.
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    Hope those cameras will show your employees handling of those packages was the source of damage. Maybe FedEx can charge those against your commissions enough to put you out of business.
  5. It will be fine

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    Why do you care? In cab cameras should show a closed bulkhead door and Fedex can’t charge me for claims regardless, but thanks for your wishes of the demise of my livelihood.
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    Maybe we should start putting cameras in the cargo area of the ground trucks to show improper loading and securement. Man, think of all the money that FXG would be able to charge back to the contractors for damage claims by negligence!

    It'll be in your next contract. Memphis, you know where to find me on Monday to give me my bonus check.
  7. bbsam

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    Lol. No. There’s already hub cameras. Any package damaged first needs to be inspected through the extensive camera network. No reason to assume it occurred in my truck but I’m m sure that’s the first place the company would love to look.
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    Just don't utilize IWBF's methods.
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    Is that hand truck one of those Harper hybrid abominations?

    First time I saw one was in '07. I think. A fellow contractor bought one. His route was VERY demanding of a hand truck. Downtown tourist-trap with very difficult parking. Had a tall frame with a folding nose extension. A month later, one of the bearing cages blew out of a wheel. Harper sent him a new wheel. Not long after that, the plasticky part of the frame broke. Harper sent him a new frame. After that, something else broke and Harper stopped talking to him.
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    I will gladly write a letter of recommendation for you...r termination. You've earned it!
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    You are contracted with Fedex to deliver the parcels that enter their system, which are filtered to you as a contractor to deliver, nothing more nothing less. If you can not handle the highest possible capacity they can offer you daily, without damaging packages that were tendered to you undamaged, the claims should fall on you. The red part (your post) above addresses your lack of integrity, if you cannot fill the above requirement, in blue. You are consistent, you seem to lack integrity in all aspects of your life.
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    Just a point of information for me.
    Do you allow damaged packages onto your trucks that haven't been documented with a damage scan?
  13. floridays

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    You got a helluva extensive camera network, I'll just go ahead and call
    bsbullf.gif on everything you just said. Argue with me, it will be enjoyable.
  14. bbsam

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    The hubs do.

    Stop being such an ignorant tool all the time.
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  15. It will be fine

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    All the time. I don’t load the trucks. Fedex does.
  16. It will be fine

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    Claims don’t fall on me, I really don’t care what you think the contract should say.
  17. CJinx

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    Most stations do have an extensive network of cameras that can only be accessed by SRM and above or security. Hubs have tunnel cameras which capture images of packages as they ride through the conveyor belt system and is useful for QA to try and figure out where the damage occurred.

    That being said, package handling/loading is a very rough business and unfortunately damages in transit are a regular occurrence. I've only once seen a driver be escorted out of the building and disqualified for their treatment of the packages, and in that case it was blatant mishandling (pulled a misload out of their pile, dropped it on the ground, soccer kicked it down the line towards the correct work area). You catch someone actually throwing things, you tell them to knock it off and that is usually the end of it.
  18. OrioN

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    Yeah, it's made in the USA!

    Model: PGCSK19BLK – Welcome to Harper Trucks

    One of my customers on route sold it to me for $25 & it's been great so far... I'm on my 5th one so far.

    The previous hand trucks I had were harbor freight steel frames or similar that were just too heavy overall.

    ALL of them blew out bearing cages over time. I gave them to other drivers and kept one at home as a backup if this Harper break down.
  19. bacha29

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    What's all the rancor about anyway? XG guarantees that there will be identifiable remains in what's left of every box they deliver.
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    Thank you for confirming your absence of integrity.