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    The comments and debates on BrownCafe are representative of the divisiveness that our Union currently has across the country. A good leader IMHO should be one that is able unite the rank and file and "rally the troops" in a manner that provides a feeling of confidence, leadership, and most of all......TRUST. IMHO, hall is having a difficult time in his leadership role at this time.

    While I believe "brown outs" have their place in negotiations, they can also lead to a divided Union. Lack of information leads to speculation. It also gives the opportunity for critics such as TDU to gain strength by at least appearing to provide information that the IBT won't. Why can't we simply go to our Teamster website for updated information? Checking the most current information, I have found that the IBT completely deleted the March 28th letter. For example: UPS, UPS Freight Negotiations Updates For March 28 | International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)

    Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 10.04.40 AM.pngand whatever happened to : Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 10.05.36 AM.png

    The following link UPS, Teamsters “far apart” as contentious labor talks continue - Article from Logistics Management is an interesting article NOT written by TDU. This article contains some interesting statements such as:

    “Health care is not a real issue—it’s a distraction,” hall said.

    When UPS demanded the giveback, hall hinted the union would walk away from early negotiations if the company did not take the proposal off the table. That was in February. He now disputes that he said that.

    In summary, CHARISMA in a leader is something that cannot be learned or duplicated. It is inherent in an individual and is a trait that can be used to gain TRUST which leads to UNITY. Regardless of what you think of Ron Carey in 1997, he had charisma and a presentation that gained your trust. While I continue to give hall my support, I wish that he would reevaluate his PR methods during these negotiations. Hint: Don't make statements and that you may have to retract... it makes you appear weak and ineffective... It is relatively easy to disseminate a steady stream of information without divulging specific information. Forget about your detractors such as TDU and concentrate on the issues at hand. Do NOT try and BS the rank and file, there are simply too many BS detectors across the U.S.. (The Internet)
    Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 10.04.40 AM.pngScreen shot 2013-04-15 at 10.05.36 AM.png
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    I have to agree.Anybody that has worked at UPS for any length of time knows the union is being pushed around more and more.That is a direct reflection of the present leadership.The possibility of a strike is 0%,and Scott Davis knows this.Ron Carey may or may not have done some underhanded things as President,but he worked for UPS and knew the kind of people he was dealing with.I have been there 30 years now,17 as a shop steward and is truly pitiful the lack of power we have now
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    3.5 months left on the contract, why freak out the customers when our anti-union competitor is nipping at our heels? I'm sure if the deadline is coming up with no progress, Hoffa/hall will become enviable demagogues firing up the membership. For the time being, I say let them do their thing without hurting business more than necessary.
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    Gee, if only things were just that simple.


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    Why don't we just reelected Carey next term?
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    I totally agree fact, here is a picture of two TDU members with Carey in the middle..

    Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 8.24.32 AM.jpg

    In addition, we should also consider bringing James Casey back as CEO of UPS.
    Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 8.24.32 AM.jpg
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    That was so f'n funny!!!! Lmfao
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    i agree with the OP. i don't like that hall is not giving us daily updates. He is poor at communicating with the membership.

    Makes me think that "they" are the ruling elite and are too good to speak to the peasants.
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    I am so glad you boys are starting to understand why TDU is so important. Without TDU, can you imagine how Hoffa and hall would act. They wouldn't even have to PRETEND to care about us without an active opposition like TDU.
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    The problem that "I" have as a member and former officer of the Teamsters, is the change of directions that Hoffa / hall continue to make during these negotiations. First, they said they would put an end to surepost and were willing to strike over it, today, they say that surepost is a part of the business and the company needs a "no frills service for ground deliveries". What I told hall was simple.

    How can the postal service be a "no frills service" when they deliver all their packages before 6 pm and "WE" being the superior service are delivering our packages after 8pm on a daily basis?

    Can there be a lower "no frills" service than delivering ground packages after 8pm in the evening?

    hall had no explanation to this challenge.

    Next, hall stated in the begining that they wouldnt stand for the membership having to pay for health care costs, and today, the Teamsters are asking the membership to allow them to take over our health care plans. Yes, it may start out as a no cost program for about a year, then a vote of the board and "PRESTO", we are stuck paying for health care and there would be nothing we can do about it.

    Third, in the begining, in a conference of committee members, hall spoke about increases in pay to cover "inflation" and members contributions to the companies success. Today, he brought to the table 1.0007 an hour for full time members. That is a "JOKE".

    At the end of the day, Hoffa / hall has been "WEAK" at best and they "BOTH" have placed us as members into a very bad position. Like bad poker players, they have taken a good hand and made it a bad hand by dropping the ball on all issues.

    We are now going to be put into a position where we have to "REJECT" the unions proposal to take over our healthcare, which "forces" Hoffa / hall back to the negotiation table with UPS, where UPS will tell the Teamsters to "pound sand" and we are back at square one on the issue, OR, the teamsters cave in and present to us the company's position for a vote.

    Either way, this doesnt have a happy ending.

    In the next contract, you will see an ugly outcome for healthcare, Surepost will continue to grow , technology will continue to take out our members, 22.3 jobs will be lost and we wont see a raise large enough to cover inflation.

    It sucks.


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    What he meant to say was "... wouldn't stand for the membership having to pay directly to UPS for health care costs ..."

    Is the COLA being removed from the terms and conditions of the proposed contract?
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    Dude, what you said is 100% correct. Hoffa and hall are playing golf with Scott Davis and discussing the current sell-out they are negotiating. But like I said, this first proposal will be turned down, just like the American Airlines Mechanics did 2 years ago.
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    As I've said before, the sell-out took place 3 years ago when our historical president signed the Affordable Care Act into law. Regardless of who controls our healthcare after this contract is ratified, we are going to earn less health insurance for working just as hard. Obamacare is the redistribution of that part of our earning & our union "leaders"were it's biggest supporters. Striking against UPS won't repeal Obamacare.
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    You are kidding right? TDU's updates are completely speculative and opinionated as always. Loads of assumption and very little fact. Just look at the words they use. It's very easy to be a TDU writer. Watch.

    In 1997 UPS was on strike. TDU proclaimed this was a milestone in the fight of labor. The man behind the strike, Ron Carey. Even though Ron never negotiated language and utilized hall as chief negotiator, he was still given credit for the deal that was forced upon UPSers without a vote. Since the passing of Ron TDU still lays claim that he was the greatest president the union has seen. TDU is still trying to put someone in power to equate. They even tried a chick with a spending problem. She spent 1.5 million of her locals money. Ya know what they say about women and spending. So I guess there is only one way TDU can bring back Ronnie.

    See, anyone can write for Termites Destroying Unions.
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    Thank God we have hall.
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    I've written this before and I'll write it again: anybody who thought we'd quickly, easily & swiftly earn a favorable contract was foolish. UPS's labor costs are handicapping its growth position and UPS needs to demonstrate to Wall Street that it's addressing it. Unfortunately, the Teamsters have nothing to offer (e.g. Central States Pension) that would quickly settle the situation. It's still completely plausible that as the deadline nears, UPS will relent and offer us a very favorable short-term (four years) contract, justifying it to Wall Street as 'the short-term and long-term damage of a strike would've been much worse, and during these four years we can re-evaluate our position.' Quite honestly, I'm skeptical that UPS would be willing to give up the $$$ attached to the benefits it currently controls.

    But all this talk that we're being sold out, etc. is just nonsense. Absolutely NOTHING has been presented to us and until it is we need to reserve judgement.
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    ,,My office park route is loosing volume weekly...Customers want a secure way to ship and pickup..... But we need a very good contract...We don't need to settle..I think by June 1 we should be hearing about a solid offer..
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    hall was actually against the 1997 strike if you didn't know. Many other officers from many locals also opposed the strike.
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    Forced upon us without a vote? Are you freaking serious? We did vote on the final offer. What the hell are you babbling about now stink?
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    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    Stink and his buddies have been corrected on here so many times about facts about TDU and Ron Carey, that it's getting hard to keep track.