The beatings continue...

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    The new thing at our station to push, pressure and squeeze us even more is:

    - If you have a late delivery or pickup, you'll need to write a statement detailing the circumstances of why you have the late.

    Say what? Can you believe it? Any other station out there pushing crrs with the same tactic??
  2. MrFedEx

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    "Thank you!! May I have another? "
  3. whenIgetthere

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    My station just started this BS last week. After having a late Friday because I went out one stop heavy on my P1 cycle, I had a late. Had to explain it (not in writing) to my manager. So today when sort went down late and I was five P1's over, I left 5 stops on the belt! Didn't have to explain any lates today, and don't care how those five stops got delivered, either. Moral of the story, don't go the extra mile 'cause the only person you scr-w is yourself. Thanks Fred!
  4. DontThrowPackages

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    This is exactly what I was going to convey to you. Remember you're only as good as yesterday. "Good Will" is not bankable. Go out of you way to help out, something goes wrong and you're the only one to be held accountable. Please take out the exact number of stops and make sure none of those are late. If you have to drop 20, do it. The next rte will have to take it or whatever. Anyway, its not your problem. Your problem is making sure you don't have lates with the planned stops you're responsible for. Leave the station knowing you're doing what is expected of you on paper. "Here, take these 5 stops I have nobody". "Sir, I'm maxed out, I will have service failures and I wouldn't want to be temped to drive faster than I should to try to have zero lates". Now if you take them, you'll have something to write in your report to justify the 5 lates.
  5. Mr. 7

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    Who cares?
    In two weeks they'll be harping on something else.

    I'll tell all you guys something right now, as for this coming Friday with all the expected Iphones, I won't take anything over my numbers.
    Gonna be a whole lotta Iphones under the belt at my bay. What's gonna happen with them? Who cares?
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    You will be seeing engineers coming out of their holes and watching every move on the sort to cut more hours. You are right, we are being squeezed so tight and this mayhem needs to stop. Many of these positions are fighting for their jobs and are trying to prove their positions in the company. Like I have said before, Memphis needs to cut the fat and bring this company back down to basics, The Courier, Dispatch, CSA, and good Managers that work hard and help you succeed. Bottom Line, thats all this company needs, everyone else, BYE BYE.....JMO
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    As great as this sounds....good luck with that. We have been getting earfuls all week about how hot this is and how we must provide superior service to this customer this weekend.
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    They can push, pressure and squeeze all they want, Safety should come first, why should you drive like an ass, putting the public at risk not a good idea... Write that in your letter.. GOOD LUCK GUYS
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    My station is already cutting back on routes for this "surge" saying first and second estimates were way too high! We'll see come Friday. I'm hoping for lots of 08's so I that I'll have lots of stops Saturday and get a full days pay!
  11. Mr. 7

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    You gotta be kidding me?
    Everyting "Apple" is super-hot.
    Get off the cool aid.


    You are completely right. Thats exactly what I'm doing, can't stress enough the fact that no package is more important than getting into an accident or, God forbid, killing someone. SAFETY FIRST!
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    Same shhh at our station as well !
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    Word is the phones didn't get here in quantities from HK like they had planned.
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    LOL you didn't pick up on the tongue in cheek of that ??? :peaceful: Our estimates have already been cut by half. Funny how that's NOT been part of the AM meeting though.


    Yep, last week it was 2600 extra stops this Friday. Monday it was 1900, Wednesday it was 1500, Thursday it's 1200 and callnotes. So glad I have a bulk route for once, and the few stops I will help my neighbor with are all businesses too, so I shouldn't see too many of the stupid phones.


    Due to the iphone spike, our Senior went as far as canceling all personal, floating and vacation days off requests for Friday and Monday, regardless they had been scheduled months in advance. Only way you could have one of those days off is with proof that you had bought a plane ticket to somewhere, and they wanted to see it. Needless to say, affected couriers weren't happy campers...
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    That little teeny clause......OPERATIONAL NEEDS. Another yer gonna get hosed catch phrases lol
  19. MrFedEx

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    Maybe a few will call-in sick. Always on their terms, and it's OK to cancel your days off. Suck it, Fred.


    You really gotta love it when FredEx goes thirty steps out of their way to please a customer these days. We were allowed to do a DEX17 future delivery for today, isn't that just a reattempt same day? Also gotta love it when they go hunting squirrels and load for bear, rentals still sitting in the building, most of the FO and PM crew not really needed and that mandatory work day crap and the volume was nowhere what it was supposed to be. Effing great when I have to get up an hour earlier to come in an hour earlier and then they use 40 minutes of that time for stoopid :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: safety meeting and a manager's 25 yr anniversary and leave at the same time I do every other day. What a great effing way to monopolize my time.