The beauty of right wing hypocrisy!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Dec 25, 2011.

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    In Iran, a woman is convicted of adultry and sentenced to death. There is outcry from alot of people and from the right wing who SPEAKS the loudest to denounce the sentence, which is death by stoning.

    FOXED SPEWS will make alot of noise about this case and preach about womens rights, and justice and those horrible islamic laws that mistreats women.

    Iran says woman's stoning case might change to hanging - Yahoo! News

    But what they wont talk about is what happens in Saudi Arabia. You will NEVER see a Cut and Paste from moreluck about SAUDI ARABIA and the treatment of women!

    Lets take a look at what SHE wont cut and paste, nor what FOXED SPEWS will NOT air on the Television.

    Women beheaded in Saudi execution frenzy - World - News - The Independent

    Indonesian woman beheaded in Saudi Arabia � lenziran | لنزایران

    Woman faces death by beheading in Saudi Arabia | Scoop News

    Now foxed spews may have it on its websites, but it wont put these stories ON AIR. It will however , run every story from IRAN of a similiar nature.

    Fair and Balanced?

    Only for moreluck and the C9

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    More has posted a few times of the same thing happening in Saudi Arabia and so has FOX news. Nice try though.

    Whats my other screen and and hide...
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    I agree generally with you on the media not talking about the Saudi's. Fox and others.
    They are also so suppressive towards any religion other than Islam. Funny thing is that Osama Bin Laden was Saudi and
    renounced them as not Islamic enough. Go figure. Yes he hated the Kings and leadership.
    Another country that one does not want to visit with a Bible or Torah. Their way or no way or jail.
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    aHH lue-c,



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    I've got the video of a young girl being stoned and after nearly killing her with rocks, one brave MAN of the religion of peace, squishes her head with a cement block. It's sickening. If more people actually saw the actions of these animals, they wouldn't 'Kumbaya' so much.
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    Ahhhh took time to post your usual lies and hate...typical. Oh and your still running and hiding....typical. :)
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    Hey Lue-C,

    Anything important to add to this thread? Doubtful. Its sunday.

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    Hey TOS...are you still running away? Why yes you TOS run.

    Merry Christmas.
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    I think "the other side" has gotten accustomed to failure by now.
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    It is obvious TOS has no concern that Democrats are screw ups... All our politicians right now in Washington suck but TOS only cares that the Dems get control.... they are no better than what she is against.... all political and one sided
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    Whooops I formally apologize TOS that you are female. My dumb mistake. In my post I said sir instead of ma'am.
    Again forgive me.

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    It's still a gender-identity mystery and no one knows for sure.....maybe it's Chaz!
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    Off subject.. I am still floored over that poor mixed up Chaz person. I had no idea until the ads for the dance show.
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    If you can figure out that mystery, you have known how many licks it takes to get to the center of the Toosie Pop and

    Have not been sharing!!!! WHY!?!?!?!?!!?
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    Guess I might be wrong. I was just taking tourist24s use of she and feeling embarrased I used wrong gender.
    If I reply in the future I will attempt to be gender neutral.
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    Many others have felt as you do. Tempering your embarrassment will come with time and interaction with TOS.
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    I think that it was proposed that TOS is a female because she is so mean and nasty. :you_go_girl:

    I'll retire to my bomb-proof bunker for a while.
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    She DOES fight like a girl......nasty!
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    Sorry I did mean to stir this up. :whew: