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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Joopster, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Joopster

    Joopster Boxline Sorter

    With the big game the night of January the 8th. Who all will be calling off work at the Columbus Hub? I asked for an option day but was denied. Can you say "personal reasons"?
  2. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    The "Big GAME" is more important to you than doing your job? Have you ever heard the term, misplaced values?
    File a grievance and demand your rights. Maybe the "REAMSTER" management will back you up and give you a free ticket in their skybox.
  3. Joopster

    Joopster Boxline Sorter

    snort snort...

    Your silly satellitedriver.

    Yes I will call off January 8th. I was also off the last two weeks of peak if you care to comment about that also.
  4. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    If my team (Tennessee) was to return to the title game I'd definately lay out of work. Any fan of an SEC team knows that going to the National Title game comming out of the SEC is the most difficult path to get there. We all know that if our team makes it to the National Title Game then we better make every effort to watch it because it might be a while before they return. When Tennessee went to the first BCS title game in Jan 99 I was lucky because the game was on a Monday and at the time I was working in a magazine factory (the same one that produced the Special Hard Cover Edition of Sports Illustrated that they always release for the team that wins immediately after) on three twelve hour shifts. It was not a workday for me. I wouldn't have gone anyway. The reason I stated above is why. That and the fact that we were on a point system and I had plenty to burn. When I started my work week two days later I walked in and they were already producing all the different iss of SI highlighting Tennessee's season. Including the fancy hard cover edition. I was told they actually started printing it less than 4 hours after the game ended. Amazing! So working there helped. Lets just say I had the inside track to get my hands on the magazines without having to order Sports Illustrated through a subscription. It was a sweet job. A month later I quit to go back to school and started working at UPS and thats all she wrote! Anyway....I hope Florida wins. I pulled for Miami back when the refs handed the game to Ohio State. I hope the refs don't screw things up this time.
  5. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    your denied two weeks prior to the date?
  6. Joopster

    Joopster Boxline Sorter

    I asked almost a month ago... yup, no options days that night....
  7. speeddemon

    speeddemon Guest

    You cant be denied an option day. Just call in and say you nor going to be there.
  8. Joopster

    Joopster Boxline Sorter

    Those are my intentions ;)

    I rarely call off. I'm not worried about an attendance infraction or anything. it will be funny though because the only people at the hub that night are going to be, well, supervision.
  9. diadlover

    diadlover New Member

    Back in 2001, Game 7 of the Diamondbacks/Yankees World Series was on a Sunday night when I was on the day/noon shift. I called in 5 hours before the start time and the manager that answered yelled at me that told I couldn't call in because half the building already called in. I told him "damn, it sucks to be you right now. I sure hope you brought your water jug cuz your gonna be working and don't forget to keep it in your power zone." Then he hung up on me. Nothing happened either. No write ups or suspensions. It was definitely worth it.
  10. Browsing

    Browsing Guest

    So it's alright for management to touch packages that night because it suits your needs. I am not exactly clear on how that is funny. Volume doesn't move, customers look to other companies for the service that they expect. This is the problem with all you guys that think the company and the world owe you something. Take a look at what is happening in Detroit, it is this attitude that is killing the big three. UPS is not safe from going the way of the big three.
  11. Joopster

    Joopster Boxline Sorter

    Quit browsing the forums while you are working mr. supervisor. No I will not be at work on JANUARY the 8th. If I didn't have option days to burn, and if I was not denied my option day, I would be at work that night. The arrogance of management "denying" my option day request when I was the only person that had put it in at that time is just that arrogant. Option days are mine to burn. So instead of an option day, I will use a sick day.
  12. diadlover

    diadlover New Member

    Oh shutup dannyboy....oooops I mean uhhh Browsing. (your not fooling anyone with your anonymous reply). Yes, every big bowl game or game 7 in which your team is playing will always take priority over work. That's just one of the man-laws. "The big game" not only takes priority over work, but everything important in life will always take the backseat on this day including weddings, funerals, births, and 2-for-1 cover charges at the strip club.

    There is no need to explain yourself Joopster. All of us guys understand unlike Browsing.
  13. mrvngrdns

    mrvngrdns New Member

    I'm a huge Cardinals fan, and I missed many great Cardinal moments over the years, Ozzie Smith's "Go Crazy Folks" home run, Jack Clark's homer to put the Cards in the 85 Series, the pennant winning game in 82, to name a few. But I always went to work because it was my job. No more, no less. I retired in September, and won't miss any more! But in my humble opinion, if you call in sick for the big game, you're a piece of crap.
  14. Joopster

    Joopster Boxline Sorter

    Call me Joopie the Poopie.
  15. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    Well I guess I'm a big, fat, steaming pile of it then because I would definately lay out if my team went to the title game. College Football or NFL. I don't watch baseball, hockey, basketball. Other than vacation time and reserve drill, I haven't missed a day of work at UPS since some time in late 2000 and I've only called in a total of 4 times in 8 years. I have been watching people lay out of work for years just because they didn't feel like comming. Each person I work with now has called in more times in the past year than I have in 8 and I'm a piece of crap if I want to miss one night to watch my team play in a game they might not ever play in again?!?!?! That is funny. And despite what MR. Perfect Attendance "mrvngrdns" thinks, If either of my two teams (Tennessee Vols or Tennesse Titans) ever make the National Championship or Super Bowl again I will be prepared to take off from work if necessary. Anyone that has a problem with it probably has laid out themselves and weren't even sick. I'm willing to bet on that.
  16. ups79

    ups79 Active Member

    As long as you have Bruce Pearl for Vols basketball coach, you will never see them play in a NCAA championship BBall.
  17. Covemastah

    Covemastah we keep you alive to serve this ship

    i feel your pain try sitting in a shifter during the red sox come from behind against the evil empire poor radio reception on that am dial but fond memories of yard grinding to a hault and all of the feeder guys jumping out of tractors and shifters hugging each other {no man law broken here when you put down 86 year curse}
  18. mrvngrdns

    mrvngrdns New Member

    I actually have some good memories of bringing a radio, poor reception, asking every business I went in to what's going on, (they all knew I was a Cards fan), pausing in front of the occasional TV. Hey, I know people call in sick for all sorts of reasons, but UPS is a business where the job has to be done every day, and by contract, we have liberal vacations, I could always take playoff or World Series week off, if I wanted. Hell, if the local team is involved in a championship game, World Series, or whatever, more than half the center in that particular state or city would love to be off for the big game. I've had to take splits in the past for absentee workers who called off for games I would have liked to watch. Say what you want, and I know you can get away with it, the contract is clear as to how many times you can call in sick before the warning letters start, but it's wrong, bottom line.
  19. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    boy laws may be a better discription. When the boy grows up he will learn that he sometimes has to sacrifice watching the game to earn a living. When the boy grows up into a man he will learn that he has an obligation to live up to. When the boy was hired he told the employer he would be there every day not that he would be there if his team was not playing that day. Thats a committment the man lives up to and the boy runs away from. When the boy grows up and learns to live by real man-laws he will learn that the entire shift or center can not have off to watch "the game". When he grows up he will learn that screwing the customer might mean he may not have a game to play in some day.

    Look at this way , those athletes you get all gooey over have there millionaire lives ahead of them. When they get off work they will never pay to watch you sling cardboard. In fact you'll be lucky if they thank you for overpaying for tickets to their game. Be a chump for those guys if you so feel inclined but don't ever confuse your actions with "man-laws"
  20. browniehound

    browniehound Well-Known Member

    Tie, good post. But at the same time I never had to miss work for a game I cared about, and I'm a driver (we're always bitching about hours)! Superbowls, NBA, NHL playoffs, and MLB gave 7s, I always got to see just about the entire game if I wanted to.

    I do, however, remember hoping my girlfiends sick father put his death off until after the 2003 superbowl between NE and Carolina. He did thank heavens. Not to sound cruel but I would feel that way about my own father's death.