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  1. ok, so i was just disqualified june 12th from ft driving. ive been at ups for 13 yrs, never temp drove never drove air. i basically just got out of school. so any ways i drove 25 days straight but wasnt given a consistant route so a lot of times i ran over. one day i was sent way off my route and my shop steward complained to the manager so he gave me a 5 day extension. which he said was starting this monday and i was to go ahead and drive the 26th and 27th day pretty much as well as i could. but after i drove tuesday he said wednesday was my last day because they couldnt stop production. whatever that means. ok but the last two days i ran 42 under and then 61 under. the next day i was told to get my shop steward and come up stairs for a hearing on my qualification period. first he said that i had sheeted 4 packages not in 1 and then the next day i driver released them so he tried to make it some kind of integrity issue. i didnt even know i couldnt do that but here's the kicker. i was sent a message on the diad telling me to dr the package in the mans gate because he was disabled. so that shut the manager up a second but then he said i created or did a cardinal sin. ok, the day before. my 30th day on road i couldnt find 2 packages. so i delivered what i could, then on lunch i took all my packages and slid them up. i had everything stop for stop. those packages were NOT on my truck! so i sent them a message telling them i was missing two packages. so , the manager says that when i got back to the building he went on my truck and found the package. said i didnt want to deliver the package. so he disqualified me. the end
  2. oh and everyone knows the package was not on my car. there's not a driver there that believes i just didnt want to deliver the package.
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    Did you watch the supervisor perform the check-in audit?
  4. the manager said he walked out to my truck and saw it on my vehicle after i left. my shop steward said you cant prove it was on his truck. but i was dis qualified. ive got no reason to lie here. that package was not on my car
  5. plus my supervisor told me several times that if i couldnt find a package, put not found on it and roll. if i find it later then i can deliver it. so i didnt even know i could get in trouble for that.
  6. and the reason i sent the massage was because a driver told me thats what im suppose to do if its not on my car
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    You can get in trouble if you can't find it when you are at the stop, find it later and rather than run it off or sheet as missed you try to hide it in your pickups.
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    Did they find a package you didn't scan or did they"proclaim" to find a package you didn't scan.

    Be honest, your job isn't on the line here.

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    It is possible packages were misloaded on someone else's truck and they didn't scan. If so its difficult to prove exactly where the packages were. Sometimes they are left in buildings and get hidden by sups and don't get scanned either. I doubt you were disqualified just because of the packages on that one day though. If you were close to qualifying it probably wouldn't matter, so there are likely other reasons for disqualification.
  10. oldngray, ive been told that they just dont want to hire drivers. and harry dude. the package was not on my vehicle.
  11. so, do they make a habbit of going thru everyones vehicle when they get back ifd they say they are missing one?
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    They make a habit of doing check-in audits on drivers they suspect may have something to hide.
  13. my shop stewards and the other drivers say that they werent gonna qualify me no matter what i did. they dont want any new drivers. esp one that never even drove air before. and i didnt hide anything. im 100% sure management put it on my truck if it was ever even there. they took a picture of it. i dont know how thats suppose to prove anything. you cant prove a lie. and they know it.
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    If they don't want to hire Drivers who is going to deliver the packages....
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  15. maybe its dif where you are but here they are putting more and more work on these guys. last christmas a lot of stuff didnt even get delivered.
  16. Call your business agent and tell him you want to file a grievance.
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    UPS can disqualify someone for almost any reason so it would be really hard to win a grievance.
  18. i cant do that. then they'll fire me
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    for whatever he reason, UPS is not allowing too many drivers in some areas to qualify no matter what... In my center, we are working on 9 in a row not qualifying....
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