Uniforms, Urban legends or reality?


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just today I had 3 seperate customers ask me about the ever popular ebay ups uniforms. I know everyone has probably heard the stories of UPS uniforms on ebay for sale or stolen uniforms etc... I have heard these stories before too, and was never sure if it was fact or fiction, but i tended to side on fiction

well just today while i was doing deliveries. 3 of my customers came out of the randomly out of the blue and asked me what was going on with the uniforms. EVEN MORE INTERESTING... one of said customers, was a daily delivery/pick up at a FEDERAL building... he mentioned something about a notice he got...

i was just curious if anyone had any info on this? i am curious because it was our of the ordinary



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It seems the letter has resurfaced, I also got asked about it several times in the last few days. The name on the bottom is Kimberely Bush Carr, if it is the same letter, from homeland security. There is no one there by that name. In 2002 and before, there were uniforms for sale on ebay. Ebay, Ups and the FBI put an end to it in late Jan, early Feb 2003.
Once corporate was aware, they set up a company to buy everything on ebay, and you could not outbid the people they hired. They did it, to their credit to keep these uniforms off the street. Since early feb 2003, you cannot sell an official uniform part on ebay. The letter states they were stolen, possibly by terrorists. And to ask for ID, which many of us did not have and still do not. Also stated that an official ups person would always be in a ups vehicle, which isnt always true either.
Just tell your customers, that its a hoax, probably started as a rumor, and inflated, probaly by one of our competitors.


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When my customers ask me if it's true, I tell them that's where I get my uniforms, boots, socks, and package car. Some believe me.


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"..and package car."


It must be going around again. Someone asked me too the other day, but he had seen it before.