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    Damn, seems like PT'ers kind of got the shaft. I will say that I'm glad surepost and excessive OT will at least be talked about.

    It's always nice to start a weekend with an 11 1/2 hour day.
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    Hoffa/hall-"If UPS is willing to continue funneling money into our pension funds that have no chance of ever making it, we will allow you to do whatever you want.

    UPS- "We were thinking we would take everyone out of that outdated pension plan AND do whatever we want. (as we do already)

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    Obviously, most of these will be bargained out

    I love that they are saying we can idle for our whole break/ lunch periods if the temp is around 32 degrees

    Also love the surepost paragraph and employee staffing issues
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    I was hoping to see some major increases for our PT employees,but i'm not surprised there isnt any

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    It says that monetary issues will be brought up at a later time
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    oh o k, i missed that somehow,thanx. I'm really hoping these kids will see some sizeable increases
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    WOW bold language in there from Hoffa/hall. Seems like this is going to be the clean-up year where a lot of stuff gets added that later you say "Geez, that's such common sense why did they have to put that in writing?".

    Stuff like the vacations for USERRA, which is a Federal Law.

    Of course, this is a negotiation but that is a great start. I would be happy with all of that language and a minimal raise.
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    Hoffa is in their pocket. Things will not change. Well, not for the better. :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:, UPSers make good coin, so who cares?
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    It also says in the article the union demanded a major increase in starting pay for part timers.
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    All I saw regarding part timers was : "The only demand relating to part-time employees is to change the six-to-one ratio for bidding into vacant full-time jobs to eight-to-one." which is moot considering ZERO drivers are being hired
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    "Local Union officers at the two-person meeting in Chicago overwhelmingly endorsed that the Union demand an increase in part-time starting pay."

    Sorry didn't realize it said local but I think it's clear they will demand a starting wage increase.
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    thanx, I really hope it pans out for the PT employees
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    ahhhh...Heated Mirrors.....ooohhhhhh
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    No golf carts can be used for delivery or pick-ups. :D

    The 8-1 part time promotion ratio would be great.
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    I would imagine it is a safe bet that the starting pay will be increased for part-timers. And when it is I am aware that it's likely part-timers who are in their 4 year progression would also get an extra pay bump because of it. What I am curious about is whether part-timers who are beyond the 4 year progression would also get an extra bump in pay in August 2013? Anyone know?
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    Could you explain? By "got the shaft", do you mean no improvements?

    I haven't read the article, but I am reading the reviews and proposals. The part on harassment appears interesting.

    For you drivers, this part is also interesting: No employee shall be disciplined based solely on information obtained from
    technological equipment.

    All package cars without power steering, adequate ventilation and lower cab entry steps
    will be replaced by the end of this Agreement.
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    Section 6. Building Heat
    [Centers will be heated, where practical.] All buildings (including satellites) will have
    building heat and be reasonably heated, with a minimum maintained heat of fifty (50)

    That one is definitely not going to make it in.
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    Section 4 (e)

    When there are employees on lay-off and a supervisor works for any reason, the senior employee or employees on the lay-off list will be made whole for the shift and work week guarantee (if applicable). This includes all pension payments and entitlement credits.

    Maybe I'm missing something here but shouldn't the Dude laid off be the one "made whole" and getting the $ for others doing work he/she should have?? not the senior guy who is working or at least made whole along with the senior guy. after all, he was the one shafted that day, even if he is bottom seniority, it's still was his work, even if he wasn't the one who wrote the grievence!!!

    Another issue, Shouldn't those at work be responsable in writing the grievence stating that work was being performed that the laid off should've had. At the very least, the drivers of the effected route that take on the added work from cut route that laid off a driver for the day!!!!

    How many times has someone been laid off and because they are not there to C what's going on has no clue that a manager is running around shuttling mis loads or other work. Or doesn't know parts of his rt was split to a runner gunner who cooked burned up a blown out rt!!!! Other then that, I like the boled Introduction. Also, it mentions package drivers, not specifically defining Air drivers. We know how UPS likes to work against specifics in our contracts !!!!!

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    I do like the language about the surepost. Coming from someone who has done that for the last year :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: was getting out of hand. However as a PT'er I too am a bit disheartned by the lack of mention of a pay raise for us PT'ers. 11.00 bucks an hour just aint enough money for the amount of work I do.