Union lied about healthcare costs

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by browned out, Aug 14, 2019.

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    I most be missing something, maybe you should re-read the OP.
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    That didn't make sense. Lol
  3. browned out

    browned out Well-Known Member

    No increased costs to us is what the driver says on the union dishonest propaganda postcard.

    $1000 in deductibles is a $800 ncrease in costs compared to the last cba for upsers.

    There is no justification for implementing an $800 increase in costs to members ...and then lying about it.

    If Teamcare or UPS was struggling, the dramatic cost increase could possibly be justified.

    But this is pure greed and dishonesty by Hoffa/Taylor and the rest of the red vest slapdick cronies.
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    You are completely right. Spoke with the FedEx home delivery driver on my route this week - She had 46 stops when UPS goes out w 180+. FedEx Express driver? She had 51 stops of envelopes and boxes less than 20lbs in a van with AC. FedEx ground drives this monster "bread box" truck with 140 stops that covers the same area as 3 UPS drivers in my loop.
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    You must have used all of your brain power for that response. Your spot at the kids table is still available. LOL You are a joke.
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    Sorry Brown Out, I didn't realize you have been beating this drum for some time now.
  7. browned out

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    Yeah. i received my TeamCare Summary Plan Description in the mail the other day and it was time for a reboot.

    If it would have shown a $0 deductible. I would be singing a different tune. But it is another $200. They lied to us pure and simple.

    Hoffa/Taylor/Teamcare has literally stolen $800 from every UPS teamster in the Central States.

    I work my arse off for $800 and they just lie about no increased cost and steal my $800.
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    When was this "lie" told? In the last year of the contract, correct? What was the deductible, then? What is it now? If those two equal, then it was not a lie. Same HC as when that was said.
  10. browned out

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    That's incorrect.

    We were voting on a 5 year agreement.

    It is an $800 increase. Uncalled for and unjustifiable.
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    Whatever dude, play the victim if you want.
  12. browned out

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    That reasoning would be equivalent to the Hoffa/Taylor/redvest slap dicks stating our wage increases would be the same as the prior cba.....and then only giving us one $1 raise for the 1st year with no raises for the last 4 years of the contract.
  13. upschuck

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    Then it wouldn't be the same this year, like the HC is.
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    You sound a bit entitled
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    And ?
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    If you are talking about this booklet, yeah I just got it also, but it’s the book for THIS year for some reason, check the date.

    I haven’t heard anything about 2020 yet, guess I better start reading...

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    Who let the fat feeder driver get in the last picture
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    well that didn't work