Union lied about healthcare costs

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    Third guy from the left would have voted yes for a donut
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    In the past you only were to pay one deductible throughout the entire contract years? I always thought it was annual?
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    This year so far, have had over $25,000 in medical paid, with minimal paid by me.
    $200 per year sounds like a bargain to me!
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    Oh for sure. I’m very grateful for our benefits provided. I’m just trying to understand where the OP argument was coming from.
  5. Third guy from the left would have voted yes for a donut[/QUOTE]
    Looks like a safety committee....
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    These were the deductibles for the last contract. Year 1 $0 Year 2 $0 Year 3 $0 Year 4 $0 Year 5 $200...for a grand total of $200.

    This CBA it is $200 ever year for a grand total of $1000.

    Our healthcare is very good; no doubt. But there is no rational explanation for the Teamsters to lie and allow TeamCare to steal $800 from every Central States Teamster.
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    The time for this argument was two contracts ago. That time has passed. Once an annual deductible is added to an insurance plan, it only gets higher, it will never go away. Why do you think locals tried to hold up the master by downing our supplements many times two contracts ago? Get over it, no one lied, we have an annual deductible of $200 now. In all honesty Teamcare sucks compared to the insurance plan my local had two contracts ago, but I’m also not dumb enough to realize that healthcare is expensive and it beats most plans the average Joe can get.
  8. Our old an was much better also
    Last contract they also raised the price that retirees had to pay, even though they was already retired.
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    The argument was made during the 2013-2018 negotiations. UPS Teamsters were adamant and disgusted about what was proposed. We pushed back and stemmed the Teamsters Teamcare garbage deductible every year and some of the increased RX cost increase back then.

    You are correct in the fact that TeamCare is garbage compared to our prior plan.

    Here is the lie. 'we are keeping the same great plan at no additional cost to us' It was a blatant lie. If anyone thinks an extra $800 is not an increase in cost they are mistaken and misled.

    Who gives a sh#t that health care is expensive? Teamcare is flush with cash and reserves. The UPS dividend has gone up every year. UPS is posting record profits even with RPCDs pulling most of the T-S shifts. There is absolutely no reason to hammer UPSers with increased Health Care Costs.

    Stop counts, Stops per hour, and pieces per car are all up. Preloaders are loading more packages per car than every before. Loaders are also doing exponentially more work in less time. This is all well and good...but There is no valid reason to raise our deductibles by 80%.
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    Your logic is flawed. The deductible didn’t go up 80%. It’s less than 8 hours of pay at top rate to cover your deductible. You’re not gonna beat that at many other jobs.
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    $1000 for a 5 year total deductible compared to $200 for a 5 year total deductible is an 80% increase over the previous 5 year deductible. There is no logic...Only concrete math. You are not gonna beat that at many jobs is correct.

    Anyone who has work ethic and no felonies can get any Teamster UPS job. We earn every penny and benefit.

    The increased cost of the health care deductible actually eats up over 60 weeks of the average part timers .70 wage increase.

    Any argument that we are fortunate to get what we get does not hold water.
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    It’s not a five year deductible. It’s annual.

    You have some choices to make if it bothers you so much. Either way, the deductible is not gonna change.
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  13. browned out

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    $0 deductible times 4 equals $0. $200 deductible times 1 equals $200. For....wait for it....a grand total of $200 for the prior 5 year CBA.

    $200 times 5 equals $1000 which equates to an 80% and $800 increase over the last CBA.

    My choice is to strive to work as long as my co-workers in the Great Lake State. UPS honors company’s ‘Safest Driver Ever’ in Livonia & Veteran driver hangs up keys

    The deductible most likely will change next CBA. Up, up and way up. Greed is good if you are a Hoffa/Taylor loyal Teamster leader, a TeamCare Executive, or a UPS shareholder with a boatload of shares (not talking about 1000, 10,000, or even 100,000 shares)
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    Isn’t a $200 deductible mere pennies compared to what other people have? 90% of the people I know and talk to tell me I have it made with my ups plan.

    Some people drop $200 a month or $200 per visit or $200 for a monthly supply of meds.

    Some would argue even at a $500/yr deductible, we would still have it made. Don’t tell the higher ups that.
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    You must have big alimony and child support payments.

    Or, are afraid to go home.

    Talk to someone who has Obummer Care.

    $1600+ a month for a family of 4, with a $5000 annual deductible.
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    Still waiting on the news about browned pout's charges against local 243. If his flawed thinking and lack of understanding about annual deductibles argument is anything like his beef with our local executive board it's just another waste of money for our local. We recently had our longtime BA retire and the job was announced as open for months, why didn't brown pout apply?
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    @BROWNed pout....


    Good stuff.

    I think he is full of :censored2:.

    Said he filed NLRB charges (while trying to convince others to do the same)

    and won't provide a case number. Then, say's he is running for Local Union office ?


    He want's to work for UPS into his 70' and 80's ?
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    You seem to be....hanging on. Well- at least you seem to like to....show off your UPS milestones. A lot of "elected officials" have....close ties with UPS. Lol.
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    There's my little stalker.

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    Right. And you seem to respond. So what does that....make you? Not quite as smart....as you would like to think that you are. Kind of interesting that a big time "elected official" would have time....to hang out on Brown Cafe. Lol.