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    I am about to become a UPS Part Time Package Handler at the Chicago Area Consolidation Hub and had finished an Interview and had finished the Tour and Process and called UPS to schedule a start date and the UPS woman mentioned I am number nine in line to be scheduled a start date and had been interested as to what this would mean and the amount of time I need to wait until I am scheduled a start date and also I am curious as to what the classroom training and one on one training would be like such as if someone could provide me information about it such as what is needed of me and what I would experience?

    Also I am interested to become a UPS Tractor Trailer Driver and am curious as to whether UPS would provide on the job training or would I need to obtain a CDL without UPS and obtain one on my own expense and time?
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    UPS will train you for your CDL. But, if I'm not mistaken, those positions are bid by seniority. I don't think you can be hired "off the street" for feeders.
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    You need to acquire your own cdl if you are a part-time employee.
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    Training? That's funny. UPS expects you to get your CDL, if that is what you want.

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    In the past we've had a ton of feeder guys hired off the street.
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    This is not the case in my center--we currently have three pkg car drivers in the process of getting their CDL's.

    Back to the OP--there is a member here who calls himself cachsux. He would be your best bet for information. Thanks for spelling out CACH as I had no idea what the letters stood for.
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    Our center manager is wayyy to cheap.
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    It's not his money. The cost would be billed to Syracuse feeders--ours is billed to Albany feeders.
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    He was trained there.
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    I wondered how you guys got your feeders. Pete only goes up to Postdam.
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    We get our loads direct from Albany and I think we meet the Syracuse guys halfway and swap trailers.
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    Love the alliteration!:happy2:
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    In my area they send you to school to get your CDL if your lucky enough to win the bid.
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    I always wondered what CACH was. I'm guessing that is a picture of it. 5000 employees? Holy! I think we have 60 total, including management. What goes on there? Do you deliver out of there, too?
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    5000 is a guesstimate,between that and 6000. CACH is strictly,as the name implys, a consolidation hub between the surrounding central IL hubs and nearby states to create outgoing loads to the country, distribute incoming loads to the IL hubs, and act as a distribution point for loads passing through that don`t actually go through the sort process.

    It`s a feeder only building, 351- 705 and 250-710 drivers are based out of there.
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    Wow. That's huge. I've tracked my own stuff and wondered what it was doing in IL. Now, I know. I thought Syracuse was big. My center would probably fit in your locker room!:wink2:
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    The ctr that takes care of my hometown is smaller than the wash tunnel for our trucks.