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    Hi, this is probably a simple question. I just started working for UPS-SCS (3 weeks now) and I was wondering how (if possible) I can check my UPS-SCS email OUTSIDE of work. :confused:1 I'm thinking there is a link to assess it, but I don't know it and the few people I know at work don't know it. If you have the link and could share it with me that would be great. :thumbup1: I dont think it has to be UPS-SCS specifically, at least thats what I have heard.

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    It's the weekend CHILL out and enjoy...I bet it can wait till Monday. JMO
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    Have you thought about checking with your supervisor/manager? What about calling the UPS tech support line? If your job requires you to have access to the UPS intranet from home, I'm sure you will have no issues obtaining that ability.
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    In regard to my own question...its not a huge deal...I just recieve personal emails through my work email occationally and I was wondering if there was a way to check it at home. I am not neccessarily trying to be overproductive, not that that is a bad thing!

    I am simply looking for the link to assess e-mail from home. I am aware of, but there is no connection to my email account from there. Unless I just dont see it there.

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    Unless you are very high in the company, get another email address, because you probably won't have rights to an RSA token.
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    I hope when you are reading your "personal" e-mails on UPS time that your deducting that time from your lunch hour. Be careful you just might :hang: yourself.
    Sorry but I just had to say something because we were told that if we "drivers" had to stop to use the bathroom that time needed to be taken off our lunch hour. The games UPS plays is such BS
    Hey Watto,
    Just wondering did you have today off from work.. Your last post shows @ 11:28am were you at WORK..
    **** there I go again... slap my hands for typing..
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    I'm on the Parcel side of things rather than SCS, but I believe that the same rules apply. UPS is VERY strict about connections between our internal network and the general internet. You won't be able to have your email program connect to UPS to do mail. The only way that will happen is if you have a UPS laptop AND remote access. UPS does allow remote access to websites including webmail. But you still have to have remote access (which requires you to get an RSA token) Remote Access is only granted if you can provide a business reason.

    You're better off getting gmail or hotmail for your personal email. One of the other posters warned about personal email on company time. There's another concern. I don't have the policy in front of me to quote, but UPS has the right to read your email. There's a lot I want to say in mail that I don't want to be read by people who can fire me.
  8. You can access you mail through a webmail interface but the page is hosted on the UPS-SCS Intranet and if you cannot access this at home, you will not be able to access webmail. Also, any SCS helpdesk agent can provide you with the URL for webmail but even with the URL you will not be able to access it unless the Intranet is available to you.
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    Depending on your job function and grade, you can access UPS sites outside the network. Go to from a UPS PC. In the keyword box at the top right, type DATASEC. Go to the DATA Security website and choose RSA/Token Services and request a token. Your manager will be sent the request to either approve or disapprove. If it is disapproved, you will know what your 'rank' or value really is.
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    Above poster is correct. You probably need an RSA token and a business reason for needing it. I say probably because I am not with SCS. If you normally do some of your work from home then you may be able to justify the token.

    You may be able to set up outlook to forward any emails you get to another email address using the rules function of outlook but I have not tried it myself.
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    Hey, stick with pornography and leave the work email site for company time.
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    I doubt that will work because the SMTP relay is probably restricted to the IP addresses of the Exchange servers to eliminate outgoing SPAM from viruses.
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    Since you said you get personal emails at work you may want to discontinue that practice. I don't think it matters if you work at UPS or SCS you could be subject to being fired.

    nce you
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    ALL I Can Say Is You Gt Nerve!
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    Excellent 1st post Johnie! Of course this thread is almost a year old....