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    This looks like a way for customers to schedule a specific delivery time. For a nominal fee of course!! I think it's a great idea. All the extra miles and time spent breaking off trace should decrease my stop count dramatically. Yet another thing the guys that have had lock in rides should be grinning ear to ear about!!
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    Cha Ching I love Atlanta.
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    Me too. I can almost smell the crisp bills coming off the presses as they come out with these new services.
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    Just one more ball to juggle without dropping any of those we already have up in the air. Bring it on.
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    A four hour window for delivery time, ok. There are gonna be alot of :censored2: of customers when johny fireball runner driver finds their package as a misload and just fires it in with pu pieces.

    Debacle in the making, much worse than the brown ink pens some atlanta joker came up with about 5 years ago that did not show up on brown cardboard.
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    May as well add it to the list of Early AM's, 2nd Day AM's, SSI's et al. Wonder if the shippers will get their shipping free if commit time is blown on that new monstrocity. I guess that is PAS's double edged extra to get the normal delivery time you had before PAS destroyed our consistantcy, or, be at the mercy of IE, rogue PDS's and DMs that never have to face the customers they treat like pawns every day. They should not forget: they owe us the business. Right?
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    This is going to be a difficult transition for sure. Great concept, but very difficult to do in the real world of UPS. It should put more drivers on the road at least. I know of a few guys ready to get back to driving.
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    Still got my BIG BROWN (steroid) Horse racing pin too!
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    What ups do you work for?
    We get reamed for not scanning labels from walmart on the bottom of the box from 3 years ago.
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    The reason I have lasted at UPS is that I am able to adapt to stupidity.
    I suggest that Y'all do the same.

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    Truer words have never been spoken! You adapt, or you fall by the wayside to wither and die.
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    As with any service change, I like to get all of the information before forming an opinion. From my initial read it sounds like a win for the customer and an adjustment for the driver. The one part that I have some concern about is where the customer can electronically sign for the package allowing us to leave it. I would think that this would not apply to A8's.
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    I wonder how many customers will be requesting an after 5 delivery? Or will the last time window be between 1-5? As usual the general public is informed about new services before any of us. I asked a sup about it, they had no idea what I was talking about. Go figure.
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    Here are my 2 cents worth :

    Introducing such a service just before peak time is just plain rediculous !
    This new service won't even have time to prove itself, before it's abondoned come December (6 weeks after introduction of it) !
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    Tired of missed deliveries? YES
    Change of plans? Always at UPS, very last minute changes.
    Can't be home? Not when I need to.
    Busy schedule? Like you wouldn't believe.
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    I would guess that the "commit window" will be relaxed if not available during the hight of peak, like NDA.

    Good question about what the time commits will be. Hopefully, not after 6pm.
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    I've already heard concerns from Customer Counter employees where these packages usually end up, about losing their jobs since it is a large part of what they do....
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    Read them. Told you so. The PDS can't even get our dispatch correct and loaded in order so we can make our pickups with in the compliance window. Maybe one less martini at lunch and a little more hands on application would turn the light on for Mr. Scott Davis, et al. Maybe they can sew a loop in the back of our shorts so we can stick a broom in it and sweep our truck out as we select packages at each stop too. Instead of s l o w l y making this job impossible let's just do it tomorrow and get it over with.