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    Are we the only station that doesn't have enough vehicles? We have couriers using box trucks to deliver packages. Been like this since I was hired a few years ago. All of our vans have 200k+ miles on them. Can't believe how thin we are stretched. No sign of any changes in the future.
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    Our center uses handcarts and local buses to deliver .
  3. A few months ago Frontline said the fleet was upgrading with thousands of new trucks. Our mechanics at my station are so frustrated that they can’t order the parts needed to fix the broken trucks lining up in the mechanics bays. My truck has been sidelined 3 weeks for brake pads and have driving a :censored2:ty spare Reach that won’t go over 60mph on the freeway.
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    You are not the only one, we have a fleet of long-term rentals. We did get a few (less than 5) new trucks (sprinters and reaches) last year though.

    Our mileage high-score is 450,000 on a 2011 Sprinter. It still runs really good though. We have econolines that are all rusted in the rear cargo area that leaks in the rain.
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    We have pickup drivers sitting at the station sending out PPAD messages about needing help because they don't have vehicles to start their pup route.

    Always have quite a few rentals here, but they've gotten rid of most of them on Dec 26 so now we're short again.
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    I'm a swing who was told the swings would get their own vehicles. Well they gave me a brand new reach. I said ok so how long will this last. couple weeks. They are having so much trouble with the DEF sensors they gave my truck to another driver indefinitley. On top of that they keep hiring but no trucks for these people. something not right in Purple land..
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    At my old station(that was fairly large, had about 140 spots for trucks) there would be days that wed sit waiting until 4 or 5 to start a pickup route that started at 1..every single day wed be waiting for trucks even if we had rentals..if I work mornings at my new station me and a few others almost always have to wait until an FO driver comes back which is at like 830-9+. I've never had to wait for a truck on the PM side though
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    Wow, I thought the grass was greener at FXE... why are they struggling to supply enough vehicles?

    Thank goodness I have my own designated vehicle and delivery area.

    Not too bad this Saturday. 1 appointment delivery ($$$$ paintings) and 99 stops to juggle with. Clocked out at 1700. Went straight home with the empty truck.
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    @OrioN ... no clue... possibly something to do with Amazon sucking up a huge amount of the Sprinter inventory... but then that's just a wild guess.

    To everyone else, remember this SFA time. Don't let the free hot dogs or the new hires skew the results in mgmts favor.
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    But how are your immediate mgrs responsible?
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    Vehicles are ordered by someone besides station managers. The decision to return rentals was also made by someone besides station managers.
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    Who are we supposed to hold responsible? Or are we supposed to give local management a pass?

    They are managers, they are supposed to make sure we have the tools to get our job done. End stop. It's not "Do your managers give you the tools needed, provided they get the tools from their managers?"

    Also, anyone who's worked here knows the lies the managers spout, whether it's their actual lies or misinformation fed to them from above.
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    We haven't seen a new truck in several years. I have a newer sprinter, turned over 300k mile on Fri. it's a 2014 I believe
  15. Oldfart

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    Hold the person that decides what station gets what number of vans. That person sure isn't the station managers.

    That is like holding station managers responsible for the lack of raises.
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    Management has no control over retiring trucks. That's the mechanics department. Replacement trucks are given to stations based on their station size, not how many drivers they have. This info came to me from the mechanic himself.
  17. StopCrying

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    You won't see any new trucks until after they retire some of the ones you have.
  18. cosis

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    Nothing like pulling a FedEx envelope from the back of a box truck to deliver. If the box truck breaks down I will be using the de-icing truck.
  19. Oldfart

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    Nothing like a package covered in glycol.
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    Geez man they've got to work with the budget allocated to them by upper management. Local guys just do what they're told or they get removed.