Ways to unite and make teamsters more indivisible?

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    What's up brothers and sisters. I think that we should stop venting on each other and build a better relationship amongst one another. What are some ways you think we can unite?

    1.) I think that we should respect each other's opinion.
    2.) Support each other.

    3.) Buy Pizza at least once a month a share out it out to our brothers and sisters and talk with each other more often.

    What do you say? Your opinion is respected.

    Thanks, loyal teamster forever.
  2. ChickenLegs

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    All these big words and no acronyms. I can only learn with acronyms
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    You ain't even know which section to post in.
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    Did You just said that and in another thread you call drivers lazy , are you bipolar

    you really need to make up your mind on how you feel about your fellow teamsters
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    LOL dis kid here wtf dude. Hard core trollin aint he.
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    Trashed me because I'm normally to busy working to spend my day on here. Now trolling on here being all buddy-buddy. . . I'd rather be working.
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    What's you mom making for dinner tonight spaghettio's??????
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