What do you do to unwind after a long day?


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I'm sure plenty will add some wonderful humor to this thread (which of course is highly encouraged) but I wondered what you might do to unwind after a long and stressful day. I have recently realized that watching tv, for me, sometimes doesn't quite do the trick. I go to the gym, which is a great stress relief, but I've found that resting with my eyes closed for at least 10 minutes while listening to classical music really reenergizes my psyche.

Here is one classical piece that I find very relaxing, especially since the violin is my favorite instrument. I was wondering if others have rituals they engage in that help rest the spirit and remove the stress from life. Let the good times roll…


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Thats cool, heres my dads visulite kit

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First I mow my yard ,then I mow the neighbors. But this time of year I shovel the snow of the walks. While wearing my mp3 and listening to some good rock music.


Just getting home to spend time with my wife and daughter is usually all I need to unwind. And drinking a few cold beers with dinner lol


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Well, there's always blogging :yes:, napping, :sleeping:

reading, or rent a funny movie. Space out, surf the net,

grab some tranquillity at Starbucks, or just do nothing.

Personally, I cook or clean everything, whether that makes

any sense or not.


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There is a batting cage on the way home. Sometimes when you have a lot of pent up energy or had a really bad day, great way to relieve stress.....screw the batting helmet...swing away Mel...swing away!