Who is the biggest loser in this failed Coup attempt

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by newfie, Mar 23, 2019.


who is the biggest loser in this Failed Coup attempt

  1. WAPO , NY times and the MSM followers

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  2. CNN

    9 vote(s)
  3. Comey and his FBI henchmen

    6 vote(s)
  4. AVenatti , Cohen and any other sleaze lawyer

    4 vote(s)
  5. 2020 democratic Presidential hopefuls

    7 vote(s)
  6. Obama Intelligence group who now parrot on the Liberal news sources

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  7. Hillary

    4 vote(s)
  8. All the snowflakes hoping to see Trump in chains

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  1. newfie

    newfie Well-Known Member

    your choice or multiple choices ,who lost the most
  2. rod

    rod #1 on Upstates "list"

  3. floridays

    floridays Well-Known Member

    @newfie I assumed you were more intelligent, with every choice you have given, the truth is not even a choice. Take some time, look at your offering and report back. If the answer doesn't smack you in the head, I'll tell your dad... and he can. Smack you in the head that is.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Drumpf is the biggest loser.
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  5. Jkloc420

    Jkloc420 Well-Known Member

    there is no all of the above
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  6. newfie

    newfie Well-Known Member

    brain fart that should have been in there.

    I think the snowflake answer will have to be all inclusive
  7. floridays

    floridays Well-Known Member

    How about THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, totally, come on @newfie
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  8. newfie

    newfie Well-Known Member

    i stand corrected , you are right sir

    i am not worthy of poll creation

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  9. floridays

    floridays Well-Known Member

    My initial response was not to offend you, I hope you understand. Others I don't quite mind offending. I am passionate in my beliefs and you have noted as much to me personally. Keep up the fight and have a good weekend.
  10. floridays

    floridays Well-Known Member

    Sure you are, now quit sobbing before I feel compelled to call you a pusillanimous.:lol::thumbup1:
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  11. DriveInDriveOut

    DriveInDriveOut Proud Deplorable

    I'm not sure who is dumber....

    The people who were convinced an investigation would find Trump collusion....

    Or the people who were convinced it wouldn't, yet still wasted hours upon hours of their lives defending Trump on this forum.

    If you knew there was no collusion, why not just wait for the results of the investigation?

    Because you're all idiots.
    Carry on.
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  12. Fred's Myth

    Fred's Myth Nonhyphenated American

    Guilty dog barks first.
  13. floridays

    floridays Well-Known Member

    The clown tries to act like he was a bystander watching a train wreck, with nothing to add but an "Oh well." Amazing.
  14. Box Ox

    Box Ox Well-Known Member

    “Let’s see the Report first.”?
  15. DriveInDriveOut

    DriveInDriveOut Proud Deplorable

    You just called @newtie out for being an ignorant fool. Good job comrade.
  16. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

  17. floridays

    floridays Well-Known Member

    For what reason? This is a legitimate question. I wonder what you expect to see. You do understand the proceedings this came from, correct? You do understand all the special prosecutor could have done, correct? You do understand the prosecution is closed, with no further indictments, correct?
    So what is to read, honestly, and legally?
    Politically is a different question. I'll stop here.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Can't indict a sitting president. Ttku:happy2:
  19. floridays

    floridays Well-Known Member

    Understood, glad you have come around to see that.
    Don' treat me with ttku on legal things unless you really want to expose your foolishness.
    I ask you a question
    How many indictments were issued pertaining to the campaign(staff, Trump's machine) regarding the 2016 election?
    If you can answer that, I will be happy to walk you through until you need further assistance to get to the truth.
    I have confidence that the light may come on and yu can figure it out for yourself.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, the fat Cheeto head will be indicted once he is out of office in 2021.:happy2: