Why So Many New Ground Trailers?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Nov 5, 2008.

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    My sources are reporting that many new FedEx Ground trailers have been seen being shipped via rail from the manufacturer. These are new, and are full of nothing but air. I suspect these are more of the roller-equipped 53-footers that can only be used to haul air containers, lending credence to the rumors that E2 and XS are going over to Ground from Express. Why else would they air-only and incapable of being bulk-loaded? Fred is getting ready to drive it home again, and, as usual, we'll just have to take it. This is just another reason we don't need a union at FedEx...ha-ha.
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    Don't you ever have anything better to do with your life! You sound like a little old lady in a Hialeah, FL cafe gossiping with her little old friends while enjoying her "cafe-con-leche".
    You really should be posting as MrGossipforFedex - and give Fred his name back!
    Oh! By the way, NOBAMA's first discussion/priority this morning is not the economy it's is how to help MrFedEx unionize FedEx - Oh, my god, you are too much. Can't wait for the latest gossip from you tomorrow morning!
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    In all honesty. You've become MUCH more annoying than anything he's done on this board. You have offered nothing of substance to the board. Your only here posting follow ups to his post's.

    While I do not agree with him and think that if it does suck so bad he should leave but.......

    Obama isn't going to do anything himself. Though you better believe that UPS and The Teamsters will be beating down the door for it to happen. That you need to be scared of. It's no secret that everyone but FDX thinks their independent contractor business plan is nothing short of a crock of crap.
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    If I'm so annoying, why do you even bother reading? And what I ask you should I be scared of? Sorry, but I think UPS is the one who is scared of the competition it has, therefore, they resort to ruthless schemes. The independent contractor business that Fred started is a business plan and that is all it is - and if it makes money for him, so be it! People still get a paycheck. I also strongly believe that they knew what they were signing. Do you actually think that all business owners are fare and walk a straight line - please give me a break!

    As far as MrFedEx - as I quoted in my previous post - he's so miserable at FedEx, yet he uses the name. Why not quit, I still can't figure that one out. There hasn't been a post from him with anything positive about the company.

    I believe that Fred Smith started an empire - that created jobs for so many people - they should be thankful for that. Now that the economy is globally hurting, he complains. WOW - I truly feel for him! He sounds like a miserable old man, negative, negative, negative - and that is why I will still keep on attacking him. I guess he has too much time on his hands.

    And if my posts bother you - don't read them - no problem!
    Have a great day!:peaceful:
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    It's no secret that there will be a big push to unionize FedEx Ground (and probably Express, as well)when Obama takes office. The point of this post is that Smith is already working on the issue, apparently by making preparations to shift a major portion of Express volume over to Ground, perhaps hoping that their (current) lower cost structure is going to save him some money (at the expense of Express employees) for the time being. Maybe he's betting that the old Independent Contractor model will be upheld as lawful (doubtful). If Ground does go union, then the equation is also going to change. Smith is going to do what's right for Smith and not his employees, despite propaganda to the contrary. Just another reason that we do need a union to protect ourselves from his actions.
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    Your a broken record. If he has not gotten your point he does not want to. I was sympathetic to your side. Yet.....now you have just gotten overly annoying.

    Add something new or cool it for a bit.
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    New Englander has a valid point. Your discussion with Mr Fed Ex was, at first, spirited and I enjoyed reading most of the posts but it quickly became a chore to read both your posts and his as they had little or nothing to add to the discussion but were basically character attacks.

    I will admit that I would be reading the want ads on a daily basis if I hated my job as much as it appears Mr Fed Ex does.
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    FedEx Rep Steps Up, Makes Buying Car 1000% Easier

    Jeff has a big sweaty hug to give FedEx after their customer service rep Leslie personally intervened and saved his car-buying transaction from getting 1000% harder. Read his happy tale, and another addition to the "ABOVE AND BEYOND" files, inside...
    Jeff writes:
    Today I am writing to pay a serious compliment to one of your outstanding employees. I do not know her last name, but Leslie (the manager?) from your Emeryville, CA transfer center went above and beyond the call of duty today, and this outstanding effort on her part should be recognized. Today I am purchasing a vehicle from a private seller. Due to some complications with the bank holding the title, it was not shipped from Georgia until yesterday evening, and arrived in California early this morning, with an expected delivery date of Monday. This was not good, as the seller was leaving the country (for good) later this afternoon, so we had to have the title by this morning. After the seller placed a few calls to fedex, they informed him that he would be unable to pick up the shipment because it was stuck in the Oakland airport. We were both disappointed, and tried to come up with a workaround. However, a few hours later, I checked the tracking information and saw that the package was now sitting in the Emeryville shipping center. Again, the seller tried to call but whoever he spoke to refused to transfer him to the Emeryville office!
    At this point I called and spoke to a very polite and helpful customer service rep on the phone (whose name I cannot remember), who assured me that she would get a message to Emeryville and see what they could do. An hour later, Leslie called me to confirm the tracking number and asked me a few questions for verification, and promised to personally find the shipment and have it ready by noon. I was thrilled. When the seller walked in around 9:30, Leslie had already found the package.
    Because of the singular effort on the part of Leslie, I will be able to purchase my new car today, something that would have gotten way more complicated once the seller left the country, even it even could have been completed at all. I have already told several people this story, and will continue to mention it in the future. This sort of exemplary action on the part of FedEx employees reinforces the brand image your company attempts to portray on Television and other advertising campaigns: If it absolutely has to be there, you can absolutely depend on us. Today Leslie has reminded me that FedEx is one company who actually takes their credo seriously.
    Leslie, thank you so much,
    Jeff G.:happy-very:
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    Wow, what a "great" company...where do I apply for a job?
  10. FedEx All the Way!

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    Sorry, but they are not hiring right now!:sad-little:
  11. MrFedEx

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    That begs the question. If FedEx is so great, why don't you work for them? I know lots of husbands and wives who work together at Express, so why not you and the spouse? After all, you think exactly the way Fred wants, and he likes that a lot because smart people are dangerous to him. You do have to have a GED to work at FedEx though...are you sure you can meet such a rigorous standard?

    Let's use your logic, OK? According to you, since I hate FedEx so much I should just quit. Therefore, shouldn't you be Fred's right-hand woman helping him make all of those great decisions?
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    Is it just me or is everybody else tired of hearing about how much you two loath each other.

    Are you two married to each other? :wink2:
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    I'd kill myself. I've just decided to ignore her from now on, so her future postings will go unanswered, at least by me.
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    It only took 13 posts on this thread and nearly 200 on the other for you to figure that out? My you are a quick study.
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    I'll take some blame for that. He DID say something about moderators ending the thread at about 180.....

    I wasn't sure it was an official request, so I didn't.
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    I believe that Fred Smith started an empire - that created jobs for so many people - they should be thankful for that.

    So did Ray Croc and Sam Walton. There are jobs and then there are good jobs.
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    So I was like "you suck". And then he said "no, you suck". And I was like, "no you didn't"! And he was like "yes I did". And I was like "You're such a loser". And he was like "I know you are but what am I"?
  18. over9five

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    And I said "your Moms a loser"

    And he said "your face is a loser".
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    I enjoy debating others, but you're correct in that it had deteriorated into a hatefest. It initially made sense to take her on, not just because my views are completely opposite to hers, but that her train of thought is so in synch with our upper management, who want us to be just like Wal-Mart. Maybe she'll put her husband on instead.
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    listen to yourself fedex all the way,ups scared of fedex ....i don't think so
    we have been here 100 years we are not going away.i seen fedex come and go in europe and they only came back in by one vote.mr fedex has his thing to say about fedex you have yours we are all entitled to our opinions,you live in a democracy as i do here.the pie that dhl is leaving will be split between ups/fedex and the smaller fish.ups has gone through so much throughout its 100 years ,you must remember fedex ground wouldn't be around if ups didn't strike in 1997.i have been with ups in ireland for 20 years when it had 4 employees in dublin,same in shannon and cork offices
    we have nearly 800 -900 employees in ireland.fedex are all owner drivers in ireland and are not doing as well as they use to.the brown is here to stay and mr smith will have to get use to losing in the courts and mr obama letting the unions come in.while you might not agree with unions they are a necessary evil as i called them years ago,but without them we in ire would be up the swanee without a paddle.:happy-very: