Why the Teamsters and UPS negotiations are different this time

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    Why the Teamsters and UPS negotiations are different this time - Louisville Business First

    Labor disputes that normally are kept quiet during negotiations are seeing the light of day.

    The Teamsters union and United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE: UPS) are in the midst of negotiating a new national master contract, which will cover about 250,000 workers. Normally, a negotiation such as this one takes place behind closed doors, but this time around news is getting out.

    Multiple news sources have reported that Teamsters want UPS to eliminate late-night deliveries, increase job security, create new full-time jobs and offer raises to employees.
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    DELACROIX In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier

    and please insert pension equality and health and welfare improvements for all (retirees and active).
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    Ending late night deliveries isn't ending. We have a 14 hour DOT rule for a reason. They think 14 hours on the road is safe and until the law changes the late nights will continue.
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    have you seen this guy
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