You smell…

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    You smell…

    Wow, really? A while ago I was brought in, during a shift, to be told that a sup was complaining that I smelt bad. I was shocked by this because the line of work I was in, preload. Time passes and I find myself getting a talk with the main building manager about this (I told her about my gf). I was back then and now going threw some issues at home.

    First my mother had gone in for breast cancer surgery. And recently my girl friend had been told she had a brain tumor at the base of her brain stem. I’ve been going threw a lot this and last year I still wore speed stick and spray on polo, then and now. So, time goes on after the talk.

    Today I was working and I helped out a friend for awhile, dishing out a stop they said they would cut for him, yet they sent all of it to him anyways. Break is called, like everyday, and we soon resume work. The drop keeps on coming, to the point where he shows me a few boxes with different amount totals on them. Over all, I added just the three up and came down with a total of 201 packages for one stop.

    I helped out, and multitask with my cages. Later, near the end, he starts to get full cages. I mean right near the end, like last rev is almost 5-10 minutes away. A few people are sent to help out and I help out by break down cages before they get to him.

    The main building manager shows up and is around for last rev. I’m digging hard to get my stuff done and break down his set as well. Well, the manager comes up and says “remember what we talked about? About your body odor? Because I can even come near you. “. I said “well, I am sweating ” she replies, “ it doesn’t matter, I sweat!”. I stopped for a few seconds and said “ok” nodded my head and kept on working.

    Of course someone is going to smell bad working the preoload. Sweating for four hours straight will make anyone smell bad. Plus the other things one will come across. To the dust, oil, grease and god knows what else are on packages and other things we come in contact with. Lately, its been so hot during the night (75-85 degrees out) with a 100% humidity, I’ve been soaked completely from shirt, pants, socks and shoes with sweat.

    Yet, there’s a few things to be said about this on the managers side. Like the entire overnight amount was late. The ridiculous way the dispatch let all that work go instead of diverting it else where. And the bad supervision (as always) on our side of the center where ultimately playing out that day. I was probably just near by and she deemed me well for a nice little insult. Over all, I like this manager, she’s the real deal in my opinion. But really, was it deemed warranted at the time towards a bystander? ( And one helping out nonetheless )

    It didn’t offended me at all. But it really hurt my work ethic. Here I was helping you guys up, greatly I might add, and I had to get a left hook to the face. Like anyone out there would sweat four hours continuously and not smell at all.

    I really don’t want to get down and dirty (lol) about this at work. Just take it and let it pass and go in to work tomorrow. Unlike calling out sick as first planned. Can they even fire someone if they smell bad? I mean come one, as I mentioned, there’s a difference from sweating normally in normal conditions then sweating like its raining for four hours, isn’t there?

    Thanks for listening!
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    They might be "baiting" you to see if they can get you to "go off". Don't do it.
    Let them take action against you or fire you because of something you can't help then you can pursue it.
    A "talk with" is not damage to you.
  3. ORLY!?!

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    Thanks, I didnt go off. I could've thrown the package I had in my hands half way across the building, but I've delt with these people long enough to know what you're talking about.

    I really think it was a shot at anyone standing close by.
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    oooooooh that smell

    cant you smell that smell?
  5. scratch

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    Package Drivers who deal with the public sweat all day during the Summer, the company would go out of business if we didn't. Somebody is complaining about sweat with an inside operation that the Preload is?
  6. over9five

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    You must TOMORROW file a harassment grievance. This is not right, and you can not let it slide. Talk to the steward tomorrow.

    What an idiot she is....

    NHDRVR New Member

    Sorry to hear about the personal stuff....

    BUT, you have to get some paperwork moving on the work issues. As long as you are doing your job there is no reason to be harassing you also...
  8. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Don't get mad, FILE.
  9. iowa boy

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    Just tell her you are a working man and working men sweat.:happy-very: Then I would file that harassment grievance. Make sure you spray that grievance with polo or axe so it smells good when it gets to her. You don't want to offend little miss priss with any more body odor than you already have.:angry:
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Have you thought about bringing a T-shirt and socks to change in to during break, along with deodorant? You would feel better and it (may) get your sup off your back.
  11. pickup

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    You must TOMORROW file a harassment grievance. This is not right, and you can not let it slide. Talk to the steward tomorrow.

    What an idiot she is....
  12. washington57

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    They only get a 10min break
  13. over9five

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    I would have to agree with Pickup on this one.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    How long does it take to change your shirt and socks and slap on some deodorant?
  15. pickup

    pickup Well-Known Member

    why didn't you have the guts to say it before? :wink2:
  16. washington57

    washington57 New Member

    probably at least half his break. unreasonable considering everything
  17. ajblakejr

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    I just read your post. I did not read any other responses.

    How is your mother doing?
    How is your girlfreind?

    Can you get FMLA for mother?
  18. hellfire

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    if you are really stinking then it is a problem.. 4 hrs is no reason to start stinking,,,we have had people in the preload and as drivers that needed to be told they smell bad......its not cool if you are near a person and they smell bad
  19. dilligaf

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    Dave, I understand what you are trying to say but that is completely irrelevant. Let the man do his job without harassing him. For the love of pete........... :dead:
  20. User Name

    User Name Only 230 Today?? lol

    Just something that worked for me was switching from cotton to under armor. I drove for a year wearing cotton undershirts and would smell horrible after a hard days work then I switched to under armor and my wife finally got off my back about how I smelled after a days work. Jmo, try switching up what you wear. Good Luck

    p.s. I have been wearing my new undershirts for two years and they smell like new every wash.