1. DoPushUPS

    Can a PT AM Loader sign a TDC sheet?

    I was a driver helper with one of the highest seniority drivers. He put in a good word for me and I accepted an offer for pre load. He knows I want to drive, and said he's still putting in a good word for me. He also told me no one is signing the sheets for driving jobs. I don't have my 30 days...
  2. iruhnman630

    Another first for me.. Reverse Gear!

    Saturday morning, while the routes were being frantically manipulated and they were going down the seniorty list deciding who would run a route, who would be a helper, and who could go home, I got a phone call that Dad was back in the hospital. After 10 minutes of arguing with my family about...
  3. M

    The Six Day Tradeoff

    Cyber Monday week was hell, then the six day bomb dropped on my head, basically like surviving Hiroshima only to flee to Nagasaki. Two weeks later, peak has become ridiculously easy with the amount of routes they're running daily (plus a great helper), despite two snowfalls during that time. I...

    Driver Helper caught stealing during job

    UPS driver accused of stealing package during delivery in North Haven *actually a driver helper - the headline is misleading 1) This guy was just hired last week. Obviously, they didn't hire enough people so they rushed him through orientation. How many casual drivers got "rushed through" ...
  5. T

    Those who forget peak history are condemned to repeat it

    Ecommerce peaks: 1. 2013- disaster 2. 2014- awesome best one yet 3. 2015- managing but forgetting what happened in 2013 4. 2016- survived but barely 5. 2017- well.... you know... results pending/ already took a major hit on reputation with some 1. 2018- awesome/ home by 8? 2. 2019- ok/...
  6. EJJ

    Transferring to another center

    ive been commuting over 2 hours everyday and I just recently had my son. Does anybody know how I can transfer to another hub with having to wait on the transfer waiting list so I can get to a closer location?
  7. X

    What's so hard to get?

    Let me start off by saying that I'm a fairly new driver. This is my second peak that I've been a part of. With that being said, it mind boggles me how a company of this satire can be so ran so poorly. It's like they don't even try when it comes to peak. Yet the boast about delivering boxes for...
  8. Brownslave688


    Anyone else have a crazy amount of irregular packages today. Resi guy I split my helper with had 30 less stops than normal but. Totally blown out truck.
  9. Mamabear20204

    Shoes approved for ups driver help

    I was wondering if Romeos would be ok they are slip proof and my boss wears they and they go above my ankle any and all awnsers would be appreciated thank you
  10. Brown287


    UPS brass lead us into this nightmare yet it’s our jobs that are threatened with “gross insubordination” if we dare challenge their 70hr work week. Without bad weather to play scapegoat UPS will need to take full responsibility for their peak season plan or lack here of. The word is out and the...
  11. N

    Christmas Eve Pay

    I am a helper and have been a helper on 3 separate peaks. I have never missed a shift and I love the job, if there was a full-time helper position I'd be in there like swimwear. My HUB is saying the week before Christmas will be a 7 day work week and drivers will make triple pay on Christmas...
  12. N

    Peak fun times

    I'm a trainee and was sent to a completely different hub to help out during peak. The building is only 7 years young but it seems like they foolishly didn't make it large enough to handle the heavy volume. Anyway, today they made a mirror route ( never heard of this before) that took of...
  13. Wally

    Feeders the dog

    Is Feeders a bit puggy?
  14. Jasoonis

    Forced 60+ Hours

    Can someone point me to the the Article and Section of the Contract that says UPS can force us to work 60 hours and then be forced to be a helper. Thanks.
  15. U

    Harassment or fair criticism?

    On Tuesday, one of my on road sups followed me for an hour without me noticing. I pulled up to a stop and he was right outside my package car as soon as I stopped and he asked me where my helper was. I told him that as I was driving I had my helper in the back sorting because the truck was an...
  16. OrionsBitch

    Helper Cellphones

    Anyone else get the helper phones that they is as diads? Haha what a joke these things are... Management "these phones are way easier to use" First thing you need to do is have them create a upers account online. Takes forever. And doesn't work half the time. Then they password protected the...
  17. Brownslave688

    A record weekend

    so online sales were up over 18% on Black Friday and estimates for cyber Monday are for it to be up 16%+. But don't worry guys we won't be that busy. UPS estimates volume to be up about 5% this year..... If only there was a definitive trend we could see.
  18. N

    “On Topic” Driver Helper question

    I was recently hired this Wednesday and was told I would be called in for work friday after thanksgiving. Its already monday and still no calls. I made sure all my information was perfectly stated. I have my uniform and everything. Although I don’t have a number to call but I can drive up to HR...
  19. Jasoonis

    Here we go again. Forced Six Punches and working as helper after 60Hrs.

    It's that time of year again when the Union disappears and management gets to run wild. Those who have Saturday ground operations will know what I am talking about. I don't need any snarky remarks, save them please. I have a few simple questions. 1) Where in the contract does it state that we...
  20. B

    seasonal bonus/jury duty

    Long story short I am currently working as a seasonal delivery driver helper. The position entails a $200 weekly and $500 seasonal attendance bonus. I just received a notice for jury duty which would be during peak season when I would most likely be called. I am working on deferring my jury duty...