Adios Sarah



Put Kelly Ann in she’s good at this


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It’s obvious that Fox News anchors will now be in full fawning/audition mode.
Top end Fox anchors make too much in their current positions. On the other hand a good conspiracy theorist would be a nice change of pace on that job. Why not Alex Jones?


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Just close up shop, it’s been months since she held a Press Conference anyway.

The ‘Donald’ is the most important voice out there, for that we have Twitter.

Honestly, weekly Press Briefings are just a liability with this President.

Position unfilled until further notice.

(I do wish Scaramucci had lasted more than ten days, he was awesome)


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She was fun to watch when she got asked the same stupid question 10 times in a row. I don't know what she made but she was worth twice that for combat pay.


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I thought she did an admirable job of putting lipstick on a pig.

because liberals are only outraged at fat shaming when you do it to a liberal.
because liberals only fight for liberal womens rights
because liberals only admire a strong liberal woman.

thanks for the illustration