Best day of the year? Take your survey yet?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ORLY!?!, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. ORLY!?!

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    Best day of the year? Take your survey yet?

    Anyone take your survey upon UPS conditions, ethics and so on? Well last year they only asked a few people, maybe one or two from each center, interior positions to take this survey. On top of that, they made us do it off the clock. I was selected last year, And I gave some good replies, I was enjoying the job and had really no problems.

    Well this year, as we all know, the conditions are utterly hellish. And instead of just a few select people, everyone gets to take it. And we get to take it on the clock with a better start time.

    We get called in, three at a time, to take the test. This is an obvious survey, what else is there to said. I really didn’t care for the A/C in the office, too cold. I wanted to get out of there. Yet, there’s this guy, UPS supervisor, trying to walk us threw the survey. As if he was trying to look over our shoulders while we took it, which is and should be anonymous. I didn’t care, and answered honestly and quickly without going threw each one, one by one, with this supervisor. I did replied pretty poorly about what’s happening. Scores I gave last time, in the higher columns, are now much lower and poor.

    Go figure, UPS would be that company that spends 364 ½ days not caring about you, your opinions and problems at work. Then take one day out of the year to ask us “ How we doing? “. On top of that, wanting to loom over people while doing so. You don’t put your name or ID in, so why should it matter.

    Does UPS really look at these things? IS this their way of seeing strikes coming? Has anyone taken this yet this year? I didn’t see a thread for it yet, just trying to start conversation.
  2. cachsux

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    Took it last week. Give honest decisions on my feeder mgmt team, they`re actually ok. However on safety and such I absolutely flamed them (upper management who calls the shots) as being retroactive.
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    We all use to take the survey until about 2 years ago when everything else was eliminated. They brought it back and I took it today. Two years ago the company would discuss the results and they were happy because the favorable rating for the company went from 31% to 33%. Do they honestly think the favorable rating will be above single digits this time?
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    We have not taken this survey for the last 7 years at least
  5. DS

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    I decided if I took this survey I would be stealing time.
  6. ORLY!?!

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    I'm pretty sure that the results this time around will be way lower then in pervious years. Cant wait to see how this stirs the pot for UPS.

    As for those that havnt taken it yet, perhaps it will come around to you guys soon. If so, I hope you guys let them have it, honest answers though :wink2:.
  7. working up a sweat

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    I took the survey yesterday. The FT soup gave me directions and immediately left the room. I answered all 55 questions and left comments. I hope to see results for our hub and company wide.