Can UPS frieght picket at UPS Packge Facilities?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by browned out, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. browned out

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    In the unlikely event of the Teamsters authorizing a strike at UPS Frieght; Can UPS freight workers picket UPS package facilities and essentially shut them down?

    Very few if any would cross their line.

    How does article 9 apply?
  2. It's a different company, you can't close them down
  3. browned out

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    • The rights of workers who honor "stranger" picket lines are not as clearly defined. Refusal to cross a legal picket line at a facility other than that of the worker is recognized as protected activity by the Board and courts.
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    The letter from the IBT was clear, pickets will not be extended to package operations
  5. BigUnionGuy

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    The primary picket lines, would be at UPS Freight facilities. If a pkg car driver

    had a delivery for one of those locations.... you don't cross it and the company

    can't discipline you for doing so. Just like any other picket line.

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  6. hondo

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    If a scab working for UPS freight was delivering/picking up at a ups package facility (or any other shipper/receiver), striking UPS freight workers can set up a temporary picket line (they're picketing the scab truck, not the shipper/receiver). I believe this is called the Moore Dry Dock rule.
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  7. Backlasher

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    When the Red Cross was on Strike, we didn't cross their picket line. We didn't deliver to them. They had to come to our facility and pick it up. Their packages didn't even get loaded on our trucks and if any made it to our loads, we sheeted missed I think. I can't remember what we sheeted, but we didn't deliver, that much I remember. I thought we had to honor other Union strikes. My buddies at Norfolk Southern said they had to honor our strike.
  8. cachmeifucan

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    Hondo I just met a old guy said he played cards with Joey the clown long time ago. Glad to see you here you and bug are very knowledgeable
  9. BlackCat

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    We did the same when Verizon went on strike.
  10. Mugarolla

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    Yes they can, but only while that scab is on property.

    They cannot picket before he is there or after he leaves. Small window of opportunity and very hard to coordinate.
  11. Space8323

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    They can extend a strike after 30 days