Central,Western PA and 243 count today


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Thought I'd start a thread to discuss the count today. Anyone that's interested in listening in @stray posted this in another thread.

Come join the fun later today.


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Local 243 is a NO. Eat :censored2:, Hoffa and Taylor. 88.13% NO. A landslide victory.

And eat :censored2: all you lazy :censored2:ers who want your :censored2:ty backpay check who didn't vote. I hope it takes until next year to ratify.


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Yeah all no but none cross the needed threshold geez one of them was 96% no

Yes they did, or at least 1 did.

Western PA had more than a 50% turnout and rejected their offer.

It cannot be enforced unless Hoffa uses the clause about them trying to change what's already in the Master.