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  1. retired2000

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    i wonder how much dhl had to pay to be on deal or no deal last night? seems they delivered the girls in one of thier vans last night. it was money well spent if you ask me.
  2. UPSn00b

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    Missed that, however, DHL also made an appearance on the HBO show "Big Love" on Sunday...I hissed and booed when the DHL guy delivered a package to one of the main characters.:mad: Mucho product placement budget!
  3. sendagain

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    If the public only knew that using DHL was supporting the German government in it's effort to exploit the US market. We got a nice bit on national news last night for delivering whale sharks to an aquarium . They showed a nice shot of one of our jets.
  4. Jones

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    They're not a real delivery company, they just play one on TV!
  5. iloadthetruck

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    I was going to post here about this, eventually. They had employees, in uniform, sitting in the audience last night. I thought that really lacked class. Does anyone agree? If this was supposed to be a reward for those employees, I feel sorry for them - I don't think we expect employees who win trips to NASCAR events, etc., to go in their browns.
  6. retired2000

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    with the "employees" sitting in the stands dressed in their pretty uniforms it was just a remidner of who was the sponsor that nite. i agree it was not much of a reward if you had to sit there dress in uniform.
  7. ja4079

    ja4079 ja4079

    If they were there as a represenative of DHL why would they not wear their uniforms. And the same if it were UPS employees, the impact would not be as great if they just sat there in regular clothes, were they introduced, I missed part of it, but when they showed them I knew DHL must have had something special going on to be there. As they say a picuture is worth a 1000 words.
  8. I drive 2

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  9. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Everytime I see DHL they come across ass tacky and umprofessional. The drivers in this area look terrible. I saw a guy today sagging and had a shirt on that was too long (I know this because it was untucked) and too big. They look like they should be working in one of those damn "hip hop" clothing stores instead of delivering packages. They always tend to use docks, or really just park in front of them, at businesses even though they'll have one package!
  10. retired2000

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    no the employees were never introduced they just sat there looking pretty. i understand why they were in uniform. the camera was on them about 5 times during the show.
  11. aspenleaf

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    I like the UPS guy in the Legally Blonde movies. Now that was some good advertising and when the movies are watched over and over UPS will be there. I grew up thinking UPS was the way to ship and it never crossed my mind to try the other guys. To me the DHL colors remind of Chuck-E-Cheese...which is why I want a pizza when I see their vans.
  12. ups_vette

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    I seriously doubt they were actual DHL employees. I've seen many DHL employees, and trust me, none of the ones I've seen come close to those shown on Deal or No Deal. I'm sure they were professional models. Think about it, why would a beautiful woman or a handsome guy waste their time working for DHL for minimun wages, especially in Hollywood, when the would earn a lot more modeling?
  13. palguy

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    no kidding. Does DHL hire gangbangers or something? I seriously doubt they do a thourogh background check. I watched that Dateline special last night called "To Catch A Predator" and I could be wrong but I think I saw a DHL hat on one of the predators. He was the creepy looking one. Remember? He had beady little eyes and a sly grin. Wait a minute, what were you doing last night dannyboy?

    In case anyone missed it here is a link:
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  14. iloadthetruck

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    We frequently refer to the DHL uniforms as "Ronald McDonald costumes."
  15. over9five

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    Yep, the clown suits!
  16. diadlover

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    Clown suits? hmmmm, what could a UPS driver be compared to looking like? Let's see...

    1. big and brown
    2. stinky

    You want to look like a clown or a piece of $#!+?
  17. aspenleaf

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    Ah our good friend DL is back! Did you miss us? Thought you had left after you lost your election? And you might look good as a POS! Welcome back but I see you have not changed one bit. :sad:
  18. diadlover

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    I am nobodys friend, o.k.? Like I said before I tell it like it is. You won't see me in a brown monkey suit. Well sometimes I wear one but I am not happy about it. I see you have not changed as well Aspenleaf, you are still a female I presume.:sad:

    The reason I am back is due to an overwhelming response to my departure. Email after email was asking me to return so those of you who take yourselves seriously could get a straight answer. I am here for them only.
  19. aspenleaf

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    Email after email.... did you spam yourself? :wink: