Dear Mr. Hoffa

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    Dear Jim,

    For once, please show us some of your legendary "leadership" and actually do something about Fred Smith and his special RLA exemption for FedEx Express. We've heard nothing from you here at FedEx, haven't seen any of your reps, nor read anything significant in the media. Zzzzzzz.

    By now, one would think you'd realize that a "stealth" campaign isn't going to work against an adversary as wealthy and politically-connected as Smith. He isn't going to go away without a fight, and while you sit on your hands he's been using his to write checks, twist arms, and call-in favors.

    Amazingly, the IBT seems to think we will organize ourselves and just "buy" what the Teamsters are selling. You're wrong, and here's why. First, FedEx has done a great job of portraying the IBT as a bunch of money-grubbing mobsters. Unfortunately, you've done nothing to prove them wrong. Second, the oppressive work environment at Express ensures that those who actively attempt to speak-out or organize will be targeted for termination. This has also been a very effective strategy.

    This is why we need to see Teamster reps outside of our stations and blue semis parked next to FedEx ramp facilities. Sitting on your collective butts and waiting for the Democratic politicians to get the job done probably isn't going to work. Just look how "successful" they've been at health care. Do you think that the RLA may be an item the Tea Baggers might latch onto as well? The answer would be yes.

    So, how about it? Is it going to be business as usual, or are we going to see a new and different IBT this time around. You really didn't do us any favors back in the 90's with your lack of strategy then. Sorry, but it looks like the same game plan to most of us, and that's not good. Prove me wrong.


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    Frankly, I'm surprised that nobody at UPS seems to care that Hoffa is sitting on his butt while Fred Smith works his magic with that big checkbook he has. Brown has been spending lots of money on the RLA, yet Hoffa, who should be right out in front on this, is apparently doing little or nothing. Why? None of this is "in the bag", and the IBT should be out there getting as much support as they can from both FedEx and UPS employees.

    Maybe you don't realize it, but UPSer's need to be concerned about how this plays out. If Smith wins, he keeps his advantage over UPS in the NDA market, and he will be emboldened to expand the Ground model, another area in which FedEx enjoys a tremendous competitive advantage over UPS. Maybe you need to be asking Mr Hoffa what he's going to do about it. After all, UPS is the biggest stakeholder in the IBT, arent they?

    Maybe Satellite Driver is right about the Teamsters. Right now, they seem to be doing everything they can to live down to their reputation.
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    If fred wins or loses he will never have the edge on UPS. Thats because of us the employees of the company, while we have to move to get the routes done, we do take the time to get to know our customers. Entering our delivery area is like entering your aunts house at xmas, everyone kows you and you know them.

    Being union is great, but its no cake walk either. People still get fires, you get treated like crap if you allow them to treat you that way. The work is hard, the hours are long and the company violatetes the contract at will. Eventually the grievances get settled, but if you think that we are going to jump up and down to support UPS in organizing FedEx your wrong. Maybe if UPS treated us better. I would love nothing more than to have you if you choose to join the Teamsters, but do not come here and bash the Teamsters that we belong to when you are not a Teamster.

    Nothing can be done until the law is changed, and if you dont think that we are pressuring the right people you are wrong. Lets the cards fall where they will, and we will be out there the day before the vote, the day of and the day after the vote. We are not going anywhere!
  4. Dragon

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    Maybe if UPS treated us better.

    You gotta be kidding me!!
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    Plausable deniability.
  6. satellitedriver

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    you start out begging Hoffa to help you because you will not help yourself.
    you end your post with this comment.
    You really didn't do us any favors back in the 90's with your lack of strategy then. Sorry, but it looks like the same game plan to most of us, and that's not good. Prove me wrong.
    I am with Red, if you want a union, earn it.
    I am no longer a teamster, by personal choice, but you seem to want what you do not deserve.
    If you want to be a teamster, quit FedEx and apply at UPS.

  7. 705red

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    How can we tell FedEx employees about how great it is to be union when every time we turn our heads management violates the contract. Benefits are great along with the pay, but people like yourself have no respect for our contract.
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    To add to your post if I may Red. The statement of,"Maybe if UPS treated us better" has little to do with the pay of benefits, but that of human decency. Not only do they not have respect for the contract, they have no respect for the people that keep the wheels turning.
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    You haven't read very closely, have you? My point is that the Teamsters have to step it up precisely because we cannot "earn it", as you put it. If I start distributing union materials in the breakroom tomorrow, I'm as good as gone. It doesn't matter that it's legal to do so. FedEx will very successfully find something to pin on me and then eliminate another "threat". I could sue, but I can't afford a team of lawyers, nor can I wait-out FedEx and their army of attorneys. Checkmate for Mr Smith. Nobody else over here can afford to fight them either.

    You are also unfamiliar with the FedEx corporate culture, which has a 36 year tradition of being extremely anti-union, and resulted in a company full of synchophantic rats who will squeal like a pig on anyone who even hints at being pro-union.

    Finally, the IBT gave us some lukewarm support back in the 1990's and then ran away like little girls when Smith snuck the last RLA exemption into the FAA Reauthorization Act. Mr Hoffa has done nothing to undo this lasting image of the Teamsters as a "cut and run" organization. They left a lot of FedEx employees who had supported them hanging in the breeze for the management vultures to pick apart. IBT legal support disappeared, as did any sign of reps or officials. Not exactly an Oscar-worthy performance. If the RLA exemption goes away, a lot of people will remember what happened, and FedEx management will expertly exploit it and semi-accurately portray the IBT as mobsters and thugs.

    So Mr SD, get your facts right before you come on here and blast me about something of which you know very little. Most of us over here want a better life, and that means going union. We aren't begging Hoffa for help, but we expect some sort of leadership on his part that would indicate to FedEx employees that the IBT (and Hoffa) are worthy of our support and $$$. So far, he's shown us
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    good point. I think the overall compensation package will be the deciding factor.
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    What's interesting to me is how much influence Smith wields. The teamster have their hands full with Fdx. He's like an old school union buster using his power and influence.
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    Exactly, yet the Teamsters aren't really doing anything of substance. Even if UPS doesn't honor some contract provisions, I'm betting the pay and benefits are. I fully realize FedEx will still treat it's people like crap even if we do go union, but at least we will be earning decent wages and have the potential to get our retirement back.
  14. pretzel_man

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    First I agree with the statement about contract violations, but that is a different post for a different thread at a different time.

    Here is why you should care about this.....

    Today, there are 3.5 million packages being picked up, and delivered by non union, non employee FedEx ground contractors. I remember when I thought it was bad when it was just 1 million.

    This is lost opportunity for union dues and people contributing to union pension. Of course, it is also lost opportunity for profit.

    We fnally have a chance to be on the same side of an argument. What is the point of disageeing over this as well?

  15. happybob

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    We as Teamsters must know how important it is to get the opportunity to have this bill advanced in our favor. The strength of our penion plans will be siginificantly advanced with the addition of another hugh union company. This isue isn't a Teamster against UPS matter. Our survival depends on our companies ability to be playing on a level playing field with all its competitors. Listening to fedex employees tell of the never ending push from their company doesnt surprise me. We face the same thing at our company, even with a union. The only differance I see here is:
    1. Better pay
    2. Better benefits.
    Working conditions at both our companies will always be difficult. It's no differant at other companies, they all push for the most possible production at the least amount of cost. We at UPS do the best damn job possible for the money and benefits we make and I'm sure fedex employees, given the chance to earn the same amount will jump at the opportunity to join the union when it's presented to them. Can a nation wide election be won, maybe, maybe not, but a local area election would be much easier to win.
  16. happybob

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    Just one more thing and I'll leave this thread alone. This is a democratic country. Give the fedex employees the vote on how they think the company should be governed, FLA, or NLRA. If they want to be covered under the FLA, let it stay under the FLA. I think we all know how that vote would turn out. Why the government should have the right to dictate that decision, to me, is just plain undemocratic.
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  17. Dragon

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    but that of human decency.

    Please stop with all the drama - you (the offended teamster) will not even say good morning to a "management person" until you are on the clock. Why? Do you think we stayed up all night thinking of ways to de-humanize you or violate the "precious contract".

    Sorry MR Fedex I will not hijack anymore of this thread. Some of these guys are unbelieveable, be carefull about the teamsters, you can see what it has done to some of them.
  18. DS

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    Let me start by mentioning,I do not know a lot about why the two companies are treated differently.My question is,if fedex was ruled to be what we both are,delivery service providers,and if fedex employees signed on with the IBT ,would it not devastate fedex? If all of a sudden,they have to provide benefits, vacations, vehicles and maintenance,all the contractors? Maybe your government realizes this and that's why they hesitate on making this decision.It would put ups at an unfair advantage over them because we could focus on technology while they struggle to cover costs.Maybe I'm way off,if so please enlighten me.
  19. tonyexpress

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    How does this sell that being union is better?...It does not. While you say every time you turn your head there is a contract violation, by the same token there are others that uphold the contract and do the best they can. While union and management relationships are not always easy...You for one should be getting the bigger picture...More union jobs equals a more secure pension...More union jobs in an equal playing field environment creates more job security and a healthier union! Period! It will also make UPS stronger!

    Management does need to do a better job enforcing the contract but don't you think that job would be easier and the relationship made better if the playing field were equal? You're hammered (and I use the term loosely) into perfection because UPS has to compete with paying the higher union wage, how do you think UPS stays in business?

    I call BS when the word, they is used in a general term like this. Many of the management did the job you did and do respect it, including myself!!

    The fact is we all need to keep the wheels turning together!:peaceful:
  20. tonyexpress

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    Hey Dragon,

    It is a two way street!

    Did you think of the reason they might not say a cheerful "good morning" to you? Perhaps it was a past relationship gone bad, maybe the trust is gone, or maybe they're just not interested!
    I think it is up to you to as their leader to know them and figure out why they might act a certain way...

    Some of "these guys" might be unbelievable because you or someone else put them there...There's a lot of pressure at UPS but how we deal with it makes us who we are!