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    What is the difference between a Courier/DOT and a regular courier?

    Thank you!
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    DOT stands for Department Of Transportation. It means there are DOT regulations that you, as well as Fedex, will have to abide by. It's actually a good thing. It helps to prevent Fedex from slaving you to death by requiring a 10 break from one day to the next. So, if you worked till 10:00 pm the night before, you could not start work until 8:00 am the next morning.

    Fedex doesn't like that at all! :tongue_sm

    I returned your pm. I hope you take my advice.

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    Hey FDXguy,

    Is there some kind of riff between Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin? I think that wreck could've been avoided, maybe egos clashing since Stewart not getting the limelight because of Hamlin's success??
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    Thank you for the explanation, I appreciate it! :)
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    Don't even know who they are. Just looked it up. I don't follow Racing, just Ice Hockey. Go Islanders! :thumbup1:
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    Off topic, so I am sorry - but - Yes, Tony is a big baby and I feel that he is jealous of Denny's success.